“Guys are dirt.”

Sighs No, it’s just what most of us females keep going for. The “dirt” guys. Sorry, I’m just being honest. I have thought about it, and I have officially come to that conclusion.

Us females tend to go for the waste man, or the guy with the “Bad boy” characteristics. Most females want to get with the guy that does not really give a toss about them. The guy that doesn’t bother returning your phone calls, text messages & BBM’s. Sad but 85% of the time it’s true. Is it because we feel that we can change these dirt bags??

I like to have debates/discussions a lot, and a lot of females admit this without even realizing.

Like really, how many females have you come across that can put their hand on their heart and say “I’d rather go for the guy that gives me all of his time, treats me like a Queen, is always there for me, makes an effort to see me etc.”. I bet some females will read this and will be talking to the screen like “ehh but what female wouldn’t want to go for that though?” It’s easy to read this and think that this is pure common sense, but in reality I can guarantee you that only 2/10 women (if even that) would go for a “Fulltime” good man.

Most women would want to try and mix and match them. Some of us think that we are at a friggin’ sweet shop init?

Now, I aint necessarily talking about me, although in the past I have gone for jerks, guys are definitely not my main focus right about now.  I am talking from what I see & hear around me.

In the near future when I am bothered with all of that, I definitely do not intend on wasting any of my precious time on a jerk. Oh Pur-leaazzeee!

I do honestly think that it’s a shame that most guys get branded as “Dogs”. Indeed ladies, just because a guy or a couple of guys have hurt you in the past, we all need to realize that NOT ALL GUYS ARE THE SAME.

I, you, we all happen to go for jerks from time to time, but to brand all the male species as “Dogs” is incorrect.

Really, it is a very crazy cycle. There could be the good girl, that has happened to have gone out the a really crap guy and then all of a sudden that just messes up her view on all men. Also, as much as some guys may not want to admit to it, and as much as some women are too blind to see, this has an affect on guys as well.

The decent guys out there become sick and tired of trying to prove to women that they aint like the previous jerk, and for some guys, this can become tiring. (I don’t even blame them). Due to this, some of these guys give up on trying and then end up being the jerk that the woman with the broken hurt first accused him off.

Moral of my rant= not all men are the same. Guys, not all women are the same. Don’t brand someone without truly understanding what he or she is about. If you realize that that person aint for you, then at least you gave them a chance. If it all goes well then good on ya!



  1. luv it

    those are very strong opinions and i agree to most of them i must say

    1out of a 100 girls recognize `reality` and u you are one of them

    good stuff

  2. Here’s my history with girls

    Primary and JHS —- unnoticed
    SHS —- noticed
    1st & 2rd Year of Uni —- noticed
    3rd & 4th year of Uni —- Unnoticed

    and Now —- I am only noticed when I am driving a NICE car…lol

    girls are just ridiculously complex

    1. Thank you for reading. That’s a shame that it is only now that women are noticing you, simply because you drive a nice Car. Be very careful, as most of the time individuals like that are very materialistic. It’s a shame.

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