Attention While In A Relationship

Earlier on this week, I got talking to an old mate of mine. He informed me that he was now in a relationship; however he was shocked at how much female attention that he was now receiving.

I actually agreed. It is rather odd how when one is single, you get zero- little attention, however once you are off the market that is when the whole world wants to capture your attention. A variety of blasts from the pasts want to make reappearance, or previous potentials still want to try their luck. This brings me to a brief story.

About 2 months ago I attended a live music event. I came across a polite young man and we engaged in a little chit chat. He seemed cool, so I gave him my number. After giving him my number, he told me that he would text me in a minute so that I could also save his number.

Well, that minute turned into some days, days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. I had not heard from him, so to be honest after the first few days, I assumed that he just approached me to simply boost his ego (as some guys do that). To be quite frank I was not even fussed.

Life is full of surprises and so I even managed to bag myself a guy that treats me like a Queen, right before I jetted off to Ghana. As far as I was concerned that was that.

So after my beautiful trip to the Motherland, A few days later, I received a What’s App message from a number that wasn’t stored on my phone. You guessed right, it was the guy I met 2 MONTHS AGO!!

I’m not a rude individual so we had small chit chat “How are you? What you up to?” And then the conversation died as he stopped responding, and to be quite frank I was busy cooking. I was also hoping he would get around to asking me a question in which I could politely tell him that I was no longer single. (Girls that randomly drop the “I have a man” line without any reason, annoy me.)

Anyways, the next day arrived and he started up another conversation. He asked me what I was doing, and I informed him that I was heading out to see my Mr. Great; I had finally cleared that up in hope that that would be the end. Boy was I wrong!

Instead he expressed about how hurt he was that I was with someone else so soon, and went on to explain that he had been saving up money to buy credit to contact me?? Yes, I use question marks as up until now I don’t understand how it takes someone 2 months to save up and buy credit. Furthermore I was not impressed at how he was still insisting that I meet up with him so that he can explain himself, and in his words “Then you can take it from there. This could be a case of the right guy at the wrong time, or the wrong guy at the right time”. What an insult.

At first I politely declined, and even told him to save his money and take another girl out, but as I could see that he was still persisting on us meeting up, the block button became my best friend.

I’m not sure why some guys assume that when a girl says she has a man, they can still somehow twang her into still having some sort of relations with them. If other girls they know, work like that, this female right here DEFINITELY ISN’T ABOUT THAT LIFE!

That is all.



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