Valentine’s Day.

Too many people are unnecessarily obsessed with Valentines Day. These individuals seek any opportunity they can to make negative comments about the day, poke fun at the idea of it, or even people that acknowledge this day.

Ok, so one can say that Valentines Day is a money making day for businesses, and yes I definitely agree, but to be fair, I could say the same about Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Christmas, Easter, and any other day in which shops sell millions of items relating to particular days/events.

An individual has all year round to show their partner, or a loved 1 just how much they love them, but Valentines Day is just a day in which you chose to remind this person/people. A bit like Mothers Day no?

It’s not by force to celebrate Valentines Day. No one is holding a Gun to your head. So why I see predominantly bitter people constantly ranting on about just how much of a “pointless” day it is, or it being “A day in which people stunt on Instagram”, is beyond me. If people want to “stunt” on Instagram and show the world what their nearest & dearest purchased for them on that day, or how they spent their Valentines, what is your problem? A bit jealous huh?

The funny thing is, people that I know who actually have some lovely plans for the day, don’t mention it at all unless asked.

So if you are feeling a bit JEALOUS, then here are a few tips for YOU:

  1. It’s not by force that you should dive into a relationship just because of Valentines Day; you can still spend the day with friends/family.
  2. You still have yourself, so why not take yourself out, or just romance yourself indoors, stick on a film and order some Pizza.
  3. If jealously is killing you so much then don’t watch TV, read newspapers/magazines, or use any social networking sites on the day, as all those images are obviously going to deeply cause you grief.
  4. Keep negative comments to yourself, stop killing the vibe for others that chose to make it a positive, pleasant day.

The End.


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