Dairy-Free Lifestyle.

About 2/3 years ago, I developed an intolerance to Dairy.


As a previous milk & cheese lover (emphasis on the cheese part), this change has actually been difficult to deal with. You actually don’t realise just how many products contain milk, until you develop an allergy towards it.


Simple things like adapting to having to read product ingredients before purchasing an item, is something that I’ve only just recently started to religiously do. In fact, if I’m to be honest, I’ve only been really strict with myself for the past 2 months. This strictness now reflects positively on my skin. Not to mention, I don’t have to deal with feeling bloated & all the other horrible stomach issues that come with it (I’ll spare y’all the details).


Prior to this, I was actually playing Y.O.L.O (You Only Live Once) with my life, and eating things that I knew I shouldn’t. For example, about 3 months ago my best mate was hosting a small dinner for I, her & our girl Lauretta. I work in a food store, and knew that my best mate Bea loved the New York Cheesecake. I hadn’t previously tried this Cheesecake but i’d heard awesome reviews about it. I purchased this cake, ate some of it after our dinner (I really enjoyed it too) and let’s just say that the following morning it was GAME OVER FOR MY BELLY!


Up until over 2 months ago, I could actually get away with eating Pizza. However, after having a massive Pizza to myself the night before, the following morning I woke up looking like I was 6 months pregnant, and I felt exceptionally bloated. I couldn’t even bring myself to eat until that evening because I felt so blah.


I decided that that was enough, and that it was time to cut out things that I knew I should not be eating out!


I had already found a milk alternative that was suitable for me. (Believe me when I tell you that the struggle was real, I had tried so many different milk alternatives).


This is what works well for me, and I plan on sticking to it.


I normally get this from either ASDA or Tesco. Prices range from £1.25- £1.40. Also from time to time I purchase M&S’s “Oat Drink”.


Over the summer period I discovered a dairy free Ice Cream called “Swedish Glace”. It’s made from Soya Beans extract, and costs £2 from ASDA/Tesco. (Vanilla flavour)



To say that this tastes absolutely heavenly is an understatement. It is also very creamy too!


Anyways, I had recently been craving for Cheesecake. I knew that after what happened to me last time, it definitely wasn’t worth me Y.O.L.O’ing again.


Due to this, I decided to hit up Google and discovered a brand called “Food Heaven”. They specialise in various Free From Dairy, Gluten & Lactose free desserts including Ice Cream, Chocolate Mousse and most importantly CHEESECAKE!



Long story cut short; look at what I found a few days ago in the “Free From” Frozen section in ASDA! (Yeah, I’m actually a massive ASDA fan lol)





I love Lemon desserts, so I was over the moon. It’s Soya based, costs £2.99 and lived up to the brand. I slowly indulged in this beautiful dessert over 2 evenings, whilst catching up on my TV shows. I plan on purchasing this again very soon too. It’s a shame that I didn’t see any other flavours available though.


Also next to the Cheesecake were “Almond Dream” Dairy Free Ice Creams at £2.50 each, but I didn’t purchase any, as the only flavours available were Salted Caramel & Mint Chocolate Chip, which did not appeal to me.






Anyways, it’s great to see that there seems to be various alternatives for people like myself out there. As time goes on, I will discover/try new things, which I plan on sharing with you, on here.


Thank me later!


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