Leaving the UK and going ‘home’ to Ghana.

Last week I read a post via the BBC entitled “Leaving the UK and going ‘home’ to Ghana. (See below)


Leaving the UK and going ‘home’ to Ghana



If you know me well, you’ll know that the idea of going to Ghana and having a look at what opportunities are out there is something that I have ALWAYS wanted to do.


Although I was born and bred in London, and I can count on 1 hand how many times that I have been to the Motherland, I have always somehow felt a bit misplaced. It is rather hard to explain, but either ways, this is something that I definitely plan to explore.


Anyways, recently, I have found myself reading various articles/posts about people that have taken the plunge, and done what I have been thinking about doing for years. These articles/posts excite me, and I cannot wait to eventually (sooner rather than later) chase my dreams.


I will leave you with this post which I found on, about 24 year old Whitney Osei who left the US for Ghana.



Why I Decided To Move To Ghana At 24



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