My 2015 Reflection.

As the year comes to an end, like many people, I sit and ask myself whether the year was a good one or not.


I don’t believe in setting New Year resolutions, however, at the start of this year I set myself a theme. You read correctly, I set myself a theme to last for the whole year.


“What was the theme you set yourself”? I can hear you asking inquisitively. Well, it was to step out of my comfort zone, and give new things a try.


I’m not a boring individual (so I’d like to think). I like to have my version of fun (when I can), however, like most people, I do tend to stay within my comfort zone and do particular things that I know I’m comfortable with, and will keep a smile on my face. This isn’t a bad thing, as most of us like sticking to things that we are most comfortable and familiar with right?? However, I decided that this year, I’d switch things up a bit and surprise myself.


Anyone that knows me well, knows that Hip Hop & I = Myth. However, this summer I ended up going to Croatia with my girls for a Hip Hop/ R’n’B festival. When I was 1st asked I was like “Errr…. Hip Hop? Me? A whole 3-day festival listening to that crap? Is it really me”? But I immediately cancelled that train of thought, and thought to myself “Well, seeing as I wanna try new things this year why not!?”

Anyways, long story cut short, I had a great time. In fact, that’s how I discovered Fetty Wap (I had no idea who on Earth he was prior to that). I’ve even got his current album now (Every track is a banger!) Not just that, but I also got the opportunity to visit Croatia. It previously wasn’t on my “place to holiday” list, however I guess I can add it to my list of many places I’ve been to now.


Moving onto the 2nd thing I did this year, which I previously had not done.



You guessed it, CARNIVAL!


Notting Hill Carnival was such an amazing experience; I actually don’t think I can find the right amount of words to express just how much of a highlight it was for me this year. Months before Carnival, I got into Soca music and fell in love with the genre (before that I was mainly an Afrobeats lover). I got the opportunity to help out with the Carnival costumes, and my newfound Carnival family were oh so lovely.

The children’s day was extremely fun yet chilled out, BUT when the adults day came, we all let loose and there was plenty plenty rum punches flowing. I danced the day away, my trainers were mash up! Honestly, I’d definitely do it again!


These are 2 experiences out of many things, that I gave a try this year. I gave them a try not knowing if it’d be for me,  and my gosh am I glad that I did!


With every experience  I learnt a lot, and tried out more new things. Not only that, but also this year I actually gained so many unexpected blessings. Unexpected blessings that came out of me giving certain things a try, which I previously would have quickly declined without a second thought.


So on the whole, was my 2015 a good year? No, it wasn’t. It was in fact an AWESOME one. I may have had some wobbly moments over a few issues, but those issues compared to all the happy moments I’ve had this year, did not affect my year in any shape or form. Furthermore those small issues will be resolved early in the New Year.


I successfully stuck to my theme this year, and although I plan on sticking to trying out new things as my life progresses, I’ve decided to set myself a new theme for 2016.


                      “Happiness Over EVERYTHING”.


If it doesn’t make me happy, then I will not be involved.


I just know that the Universe will grant me all of my desires.






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