Well-Deserved Rest

I hope you had a good Christmas. Mine was relatively chilled out, and to be honest I was thankful for the rest. I was also grateful to be able to spend time with my mum and bro.


Before Christmas, I had originally planned to link up with various friends for overdue catch-ups. Unfortunately I did not get around to doing so, as I ended up doing 9 night shifts, back-to-back.


My last night shift ended on Christmas Eve at 6am. Best believe that I was completely shattered, but I was thankful that it was finally over. I felt like I had been freed from Prison! Never in this life will I put myself through such a thing again, especially for a field that I have no love or passion for.


It is safe to say that these shifts messed my sleep and eating pattern up, and it was only last night that I managed to get a good nights sleep. Cor blimey!


Anyways, I have already kindly informed my supervisor to take me out of any shifts in the upcoming week. I’ve worked extremely hard, deserve the rest and not to mention I deserve a bit of a social life! This means that I have no work until the New Year, and I plan on spending my time resting, planning & catching up with some folks.


As 2016 approaches, I do not plan on stating what I plan on doing. However, I do plan on informing you when it is done and maybe when I am in the process of doing so (the key word is maybe). I am quite superstitious about certain things, so we’ll see.


Like Ghanaian artist StoneBwoy says in his song “Baafira” featuring Sarkodie, LESS TALK DO MORE. That is 1 of the mottos that I’ll be living by for the New Year and beyond.


Stay posted.


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