Happy New Year!

I decided to write this post about an hour and a half, before the clock struck 12.


I spent the last night of 2015, chilling indoors (in my room to be precise), enjoying my fan heater.


2 posts ago, I shared my reflection on last year (haha feels weird typing “last year” already), and so I won’t bore you by repeating myself. However, if you missed out on that post, here is the link: My 2015 Reflection.



Some of the events within the last few days have been rather disappointing. I say disappointing, but it was to be expected as certain things I allowed to drag on for a year+. Sometimes when you’re a person of my character, you give people the benefit of the doubt, or multiple chances and they still don’t know how NOT to overstep the mark. Nevertheless, I am glad that that happened before this year commences. Never again will I allow anyone to try and use me as their source of rubbish jokes, or ridiculous banter.


That being said, I am grateful that there were also positive outcomes to particular situations, which will blend in well with my idea of how I want this year to be.


Overall, I’m just grateful that any negative energy/people got dropped/left in 2015, and I am more than happy and excited to inhale and exhale nothing but positive energy this year. I will create my own happiness & no doubt my family/team will help me if I have any wobbles along the way to my desired destination.


As many of you know, I went from having hundreds of posts, to deleting almost everything on this blog and starting afresh, last summer. This was because I felt that my blog at that time was not a true representation of who I am, or what I am about. So I gave it a bit of a “re-vamp”, and here we are.



I wanna take this opportunity to thank you for reading/liking my posts, sharing it, letting me know your thoughts, and for those of you that encouraged me to just keep on writing even when I felt/feel like I do not have much to say. I really appreciate it.


May 2016 bring you all the positivity and happiness that your heart desires. Successfully put in the work into achieving all the goals that you have set for yourself, and DO NOT let anyone put you down. Learn from any mistakes you make and remember, YOU’RE HUMAN. IT’S OK TO NOT BE OK AND DON’T BOTTLE THINGS UP!!




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