On Friday the 8th of January 2016, I finally did it. I finally managed to take a plunge & take a risk, a risk that I had been errmmmiinggg and arrghhing about pretty much for the whole of 2015….


I got various reactions. Some reactions were quite negative (and were to be expected) some were encouraging and some were just full of shock…




I have been working in a food retail store for 3 years & 5 months. Prior to this I had various retail experience. In fact I have been working in retail for almost a decade.


Although I could sit here and list all the negative/positive things about working in this particular food retail store (I won’t tell you which 1 as there’s no need), during my time here, my colleagues became family (work family). I have no doubt in my mind that there are a few that I will keep in regular contact with & even meet up with from time to time. I even now have a sister who shares similar career interests as me, and God willing she will be apart of my new journey.


Anyways, last summer marked 1 year since my graduation. I graduated in Broadcasting (Media) in 2014, and since then, finding a job/internship within this field has been difficult. Although I was applying to roles, alongside working in retail, I somehow felt/feel that I wasn’t putting my all into it because although I was unhappy at my place at work, I had become comfortable.


What I mean when I say that I “had become comfortable”, is that I had become comfortable knowing what to expect when going into work, comfortable with a regular pay cheque, and knowing how much money I’d make every month, or how many shifts I’d have to do in order to make a certain amount of money. This means that even though I was unhappy, regular income had made me comfortable. This was probably the only thing that had me feeling really down last year, even though I knew that only I could make a change to this cycle, I was not BRAVE enough.


Another thing that quite a few people do/did not understand (including some people close to my heart) is that money is NOT EVERYTHING to me. What I mean by that is, many people would say to me “Wini, you work in order to make money & pay bills. No one works to be happy”. Some people simply could not grasp why “I wasn’t simply grateful to have a job that pays“. They did not, and still don’t understand why the fact that I have a burning desire to chase a career path that I have been involved with since I was 15 (via work experience etc.), yet I was currently feeling stuck in a field that I have no passion for, bothered me.



The fact of the matter is that I don’t need them to understand. I know me, and I know why I’m feeling how I currently do. I know exactly what I am capable of, and I know for a fact that me staying in this job has been holding me back from fully doing what I want to do. I want to work/make a name for myself within Media.


To be honest with you, my plan since aged 17/18 was to study up to university level, get some experience whilst doing so, and go to Ghana and work within the media industry out there. Even my 1st work experience ever, was at Voice of Africa Radio. Since then, I’ve written for various magazines/blogs, had experience at BBC 1Xtra and my last work experience was at Vox Africa TV. I have enjoyed every experience that I have been involved with so far, and I pray that 2016 is the year that I will get involved in various projects, and properly focus on my career goals.


My dream is to get involved within the media/entertainment industry in my Motherland. So much so, I was happy to be going to Ghana to see a loved 1, as well as research various companies, this month.


When I handed in my notice to my store manager, she asked me what my plans were and I happily informed her that I was going to Ghana, and I gave her brief information as to why etc.. I also informed some of my work family about this plan too.


However, due to a situation out of my control, I am not going to Ghana as I’d planned to this month. Ghana is still definitely on the cards within the next few months and although, I was at 1st gutted that it wouldn’t be happening right now, I am however still over the moon that I have resigned.


My last day at work is this Saturday, and I know that number 1 question “have you got a new job?” will be asked. When I reply with “No” (I’m assuming it will be no although anything can happen between now and then), I am honestly not going to give a f*ck about the judgemental follow up questions, or looks that will be served my way.


I have managed to take a plunge & leave something that makes me unhappy, which most of the judgemental people have not and will not be able to do. Unlike them, I am aware that we all have different goals and beliefs in life. There are some people that are limited to certain opportunities because of various circumstances e.g. little education, or they have a family to feed. Fortunately for me, I am still young, I am not married or have any kids and so I am able to take this plunge.


If anyone wants to judge me or try to bring negative energy my way, that is their own choice. However, I refuse to give negative energy my attention.


I am now able to start my journey and head to where I am supposed to be heading. I will be the 1 having the last laugh. You mark my words.



Follow me on my journey. Stay posted!



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