The Past Week

So, I’m currently watching a Ghanaian movie on ABN TV as I type up this post. To say that I am feeling relaxed, would be an understatement. In fact, after I publish this post, I think I may take a nap 🙂


Anyways, today marks a week since I resigned from work. As you can imagine, I’ve spent the past week stuffing my face, seeing a few friends, catching up on sleep and watching my favourite shows. Besides all of that good stuff, I have actually been applying to various roles.


I am naturally an active person, so this staying at home lifestyle and doing f*ck all for long periods of time (although it has only been a week), isn’t for me. Well, I say doing “f*ck all”, but that is actually a lie. I have in fact, been having a deep long thought, about things I’d like to achieve this year. I am sincerely happy that I resigned from work as this week has really given me the chance to think with a clear head, and put everything into perspective.


As you already know, I am not really one to announce plans unless things have been done, or I have taken a firm foot into what I think will lead me into the right direction. Due to this, chances are I may not post plans up prematurely.


Nevertheless, I have surprisingly been applying to a few roles that are similar to my last job role. The reason for doing so is although I am not passionate for the field, I have a lot of experience in retail & so getting hold of a retail job isn’t hard. Also I have no intention of doing it for a long time, as unlike before, I have a stable plan. If I do secure any roles within this field, the new change of environment, will make me gritting my teeth for the next few months in order to fund my dreams, worth it.



Last week (before my last day at my last role), I contacted a recruitment agency that I had signed up to late last year. They specialise in receptionist roles for Media, Music and PR companies. Anyways, I let the recruitment consultant that I had a meeting with know that I would now be free for any roles available. He informed me that he had updated my information and would let me know if anything comes up. As I type this post today, I’ve heard absolutely nothing from him. As you can probably tell I’m not exactly feeling down about it.


You see, although I’m not the most religious person in the world, I have started to totally believe that everything happens for a reason. I pray over EVERYTHING and ask God to give me a sign if something is meant to be or not. Stressing over opportunities that are clearly not for me would be silly. I’ve also gone past the stage of 2nd guessing myself.



Earlier on this week, I applied to a role via Reed. It was a receptionist role for a finance company. Within less than 15 minutes after applying to this role, my phone rang, and I was invited to meet a recruitment consultant in regards to the role the following day. I really will not bore you with the long story in regards to the meeting, but I have NEVER EVER felt so OUT OF PLACE in MY LIFE!!! I actually prayed that I would not get a call back THAT’S HOW AWKWARD I FELT!


Again, all I can do is laugh about these situations. I know that within the next few months, all of this will be history . However, for now, I will do whatever I have to do to in order for this history to occur.

Fully focused on the end goal.

Stay blessed.


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