Positivity Breeds Happiness.


The ability to let go of the past and of any negative energy has made me feel like a new woman this week. For a while the opportunity to let “sleeping dogs lie”, and move forward with a personal matter, was something that my stubbornness, had previously prevented me from doing. I in fact spent a part of last year disagreeing with some family members over this particular issue.


Nevertheless, after my dearest mother had a word with me a few weeks ago, I finally decided to let go of any previous hostility. I want nothing but positive vibes and unlimited blessings this year and beyond, and so it makes sense to cease wasting my energy on petty things.


This week has been an awesome week and I am grateful. I have a new job, in a role quite similar to my last, however under completely different circumstances. I will not reveal what these circumstances are, but let’s just say my motto for this year really is “Less Talk, Do More”. So, I’ll do my best to just think positive and feel positive in this new environment, knowing that this will be temporary and knowing what I am working towards. I’m actually oddly excited, as this will be my 1st Fulltime role (I’ve always previously worked part time), but hey, it is time for me to fund the dream.


I returned to the gym earlier on this week, and also attended this afternoon. As I’m typing I could have really done with a massage, but unfortunately the chances of me getting 1 is a complete myth. Either ways I am grateful for my current healthy mind & body and so I shall not complain too much. Haha!


All in all, it’s safe to say that as this month comes to an end, my 2016 sure did start with a bang. A lot has happened this month that has had me on a rollercoaster filled with various emotions, but it’s safe to say that this month has ended on a high note for me. If I had to do or go through certain sh*t that I’ve been through this month again, I definitely would.


I’m happy, I feel blessed and I know God has got me.



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