When the lights are off, it’s so easy to get up and turn on the light. You just automatically get up, probably with what you think doesn’t require any thought, head towards that switch, and there you are!


However, what if you couldn’t get up and turn on that light? Imagine trying so hard to attempt what seems to be your usual simple task, yet, no matter what you do, this unknown force keeps you stagnant.


It just continuously eats away at you. CRUNCH, like someone biting into toast. What started with little nibbles has now left you with chunks missing. Missing pieces consumed by the unknown, however you remain unaware and continue with your day-to-day activities. Are you really unaware, or are you living up to the persona of you being a “STRONG” individual and so you brush these inner scars, though it may be temporary, under a carpet? After all, it is “WEAK” to not feel your usual bubbly, feisty, positive self that people around you love and admire.


And so…..


You lie awake at night, with your oversized Pumpkin eyes fighting away the demons trying to capture you. Your heart is racing as the raindrops form an ocean ready to take your breath away… LITERALLY.


“How are you today?”


I’m fine” as you proceed with a fake smile…



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