Sleeping Pills.

I believe, and always say that the mind is a powerful tool. Sometimes it is easy to tweak your thoughts or how you feel, simply by thinking differently. That being said, we are all human, and so sometimes this is much easier said than done.


For almost 2 weeks I was dealing with some sh*t. You could say that I was mentally in a dark place, and this was affecting my sleep.


If you know me well, you’d know that 8/10 times, I’m the type of person to seek natural remedies for any issues I’m facing, before resorting to any manmade “pill popping”. However, on this occasion it all became too much. I was going to bed and getting 2-3 hours sleep (if I was lucky) and then feeling like a Zombie at work during the day. For whatever reason my mind was in continuous overdrive and I just could not shut it down.


Due to this, I took it upon myself to go to Holland & Barrett and purchase this:



Yup, sleeping pills. What’s weird is that on the same day that I purchased this, I popped into work and saw multiple newspaper headlines discussing celebrities that were addicted to such things. Some had even overdosed on such things. Nevertheless, I had not had any solid sleep for almost 2 weeks and this needed to be sorted out. I needed to feel normal again & the daily migraines that I had now been accustomed to, due to my lack of sleep, needed to get a boot.


You pop 4 pills 30 minutes – 1 hour before bed, and it was optional to take 1 pill earlier on in the evening before doing so, if you desired. I had done this for 4 nights, and slept like a log. PERFECT. During this time, certain issues I was going through had been resolved and I had/have managed to tweak my mind into focusing on positivity, rather than predominately negative issues.


So today, I woke up, and dashed the remainder of my sleeping pills into the bin. What I felt like I needed these pills for, had been achieved. I was not going to risk becoming addicted to these little circles and so I decided to put an end to this and take control. I’m back into my usual gym routine, which has me feeling great and like my usual self. My eating habits are corresponding with my gym sessions, and overall I’m feeling like me again.


I don’t have the energy to focus on negativity, or anyone/anything that does nothing but add stress to my life. I am blessed, and I must, and will try to focus on everything positive in my life and work on changing or dropping anything that does not make me happy.


I am fully focused on working on myself right now; I appreciate all the people around me that genuinely care. Thank You.


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