Holiday Update/ Requiring Approval

I’ve been off work for the past week or so, and I have been loving it!


I usually work late shifts Monday-Friday, and so this time off has given me the opportunity to get a lot of things done. Not to mention, it has given me the opportunity to have a social life, and catch up with my people.


Last night, I went to watch “Anansi & The London Girl” at the Lost Theatre, with my best mates. We had a great time.


After watching this, we went to “Satay Bar” in Brixton. This was my first time, and prior to this I had heard so many various good things about this restaurant/bar. I ordered Fiery Fries (which apparently was meant to be spicy *side eye* ) and 2 portions of Prawn Tempura. As you can see below, the presentation was on point.





However, looks can be deceiving. The fries were ok (although they were far from spicy), but the Prawn Tempura was horrendous. All I could taste was the oily batter, and due to this I couldn’t even finish it. This all came up to £14.50, which may not be much to some folks, but I could have spent less elsewhere on a better tasting meal. Maybe their Cocktails are better?? If I ever go there again, it definitely WILL NOT be for their food.



Aside from enjoying the current decent London weather, I’ve also been preparing for something that I have wanted to do for YEARS. I am not a fan of announcing things too early, so maybe nearer the time, or when it is done, I shall start blogging/vlogging my experiences.



Requiring other peoples approval is something that I generally do not care for, However, I was previously not posting certain things due to fear of little-no likes (via instagram), or minimum blog post views/shares. Now I’m appreciative of the views/attention I get over things I post via social media, however I am not fussed about the amount, or even if I get zero feedback. I am solely focused on putting out my message, and sharing my positive energy into the universe. Gaining approval means f all to me. After all, it is my life to live, and only I can chose to portray it online, how I wish.


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