Work Stalker, Story!

I’ve been working at my current place of work for almost 4 months. Since I started the job, after work, I would wait for my bus.


Every night,  I’d see this guy at the bus stop. This man is slim, about 5’6-7, dark-skinned and looks between ages 37 -40. I thought of him as a Ghanaian Uncle, and as I would often hear him conversing with someone on the phone, speaking in Twi.


Anyways, Fast forward to 2 months later, an incident occurs.


On this particular night, I wasn’t listening to music when boarding the bus. He got on the bus before me, tapped his oyster card and I proceeded to tap mine. As usual he was on the phone. As we both sat in our seats on the top deck of the bus, the bus driver announced via the speakers that this particular “Uncle” should go downstairs to speak to him. “Uncle” did not hear this as he was too busy on the phone, and so I walked over to his seat, tapped him, and informed him that the driver needed a word with him. When Uncle came back upstairs, he thanked me. I usually get off the bus before him, and so on this occasion as I was leaving, I said goodbye.


After that night, when we saw each other, we would greet one another. “Hi” and “Bye. Goodnight”.


Over a month ago, I boarded the bus and he was already seated upstairs. I normally sit at the back, and so I greeted him as I was walking towards my desired seat, and then I sat down. “Uncle” was sitting about 3 seats ahead of me. I had music blasting in my ears. For the life of me, I can’t even remember what I was listening to, however, I could see that “Uncle” had turned around and was saying something to me.


“Pardon?” I asked as I removed 1 of my earphones.


“How are you?” He asked with an inquisitive smile.


“ I’m good, thanks. You”?


“I’m fine,” he continued smiling.


At this point I’m about to fling in my earphones…and then….


“Do you work around here?” He asks…




“Oh where?”




I stated where, and then he asked me if it was behind the Marks and Spencer in that particular area. Like an idiot, I confirmed that it was. He then proceeded to tell me that his name was Emmanuel. He asked for me name, and what did I do? You guessed it, I told him. As stupid as that sounds, I was not thinking anything of it. I just thought “Uncle” is trying to be friendly (see how naïve I can be).


“Where are you from”?


“Ghana”, I replied, knowing full well that he is from there too, I throw the question right back at him.


“So, are both of your parents from there then, or just 1”. This question annoys me to be frank, so I simply responded with “ I’m 100% Ghanaian”.


At that point I flung in my headphones, thinking nothing of that conversation. When I got off the bus, I said goodbye and that was that.


The following day, at work, I’m on the tills alone dealing with the queue. I look up and guess who I see stood on my right hand side, Uncle Emmanuel -.- He has NEVER been to my store, prior to my stupidity and me telling him where I worked, yet, now all of a sudden he thinks it is cool to just show up?


“I was just in the area on my lunch break. I went to purchase a new Bible and my old Bible was in tatters, and so I thought, lemme come here and say hello”, he informs me with a cheesy grin that at that point, I wanted to slap off.


“oh ok. You’re a Christian I see. Nice” I responded in a sarcastic tone.


“Yeah, I’m a Christian. So you know, the Bible store is not too far from here. Are you a Christian too?”




“Are your parents?”




“You know, I’m actually a pastor, and so my Bible is very important to me”.


(I’m guessing this is the part that I was supposed to care about him being a pastor, right?)


“You’re a pastor”?  I started laughing uncontrollably.


“Yeah. I am a pastor. Why is that so funny? I preach at (He mentioned the name of the church but I didn’t hear it), in Tottenham”.




A queue starts to build up. He tells me that he is going to look for a product on the shop floor. About 5 minutes later, due to me still being busy (saved by the customers) he tells me he is leaving.


That night, I took it upon myself to find a new route home. Indeed it was very naïve of me to have given him my name and place of work, however, I truly did not think that he would pop in to see me unannounced . Annoying. At this point, it was very clear to see that his intentions were not pure.


Anyways, thankfully, for a good few weeks I have been taking this new route home. This means that I haven’t had to set eyes on him.


On Friday, I returned back to work after enjoying 2 weeks off. GUESS WHO I SEE WITHIN LESS THAN 5 MINUTES OF ME STARTING MY SHIFT!??????


* Huge Grin * “Heyyyyyyy! I popped in last week, and I was told that you were off”


“Yup”, I responded coldly with a straight face.


“How are you?”


“I’m blessed thanks. I can see you are too”. I continued to put out stock. There was no point entertaining this guy, especially as I could now see through the bullsh*t. This guy continued to stand there for a few minutes in silence, as I focused on my duties.


“Anyways, do you guys sell Malt?”


I looked at him in annoyance and asked, “Malt? As in Supermalt?”




“Nope. We don’t. Tesco do though. It’s across the road”.


He continued to stand there, as I remained busy before saying “maybe I’ll go there. Thanks”.




Sometimes I’m too friendly, with a couple teaspoons of naïve. I shouldn’t have given this guy any information about myself, HOWEVER this does not excuse his village boy behaviour. I am sincerely hoping that after giving him the cold shoulder, he won’t make a return. As I have already been taking a new route home, I doubt I will be bumping into him either. Let’s hope it stays that way. I believe I have learnt my lesson, however, I need to remember that not everyone has the same intentions as me.

When I was greeting him on the bus etc. I was doing it just to be polite. He obviously took it as me trying become his second wife or some sh*t…..





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