Chapter Soon Close


Today is Bank Holiday Monday. As expected, many people are over the moon about the “long weekend”. Bank holidays give people the chance to relax, go out, spend time with family, gym, etc. I on the other hand will be working.


Oh the joys…… * side eye *



Well, on the bright side, at least it will be time & a half today, unlike my previous place of work. However, I know that the boredom today will really irritate me. You see, I was working last Bank Holiday and there were probably 2-4 customers coming in every hour. Nevertheless the money will be appreciated and this is just a TEMPORARY MEASSURE.


Oh wait, I almost forgot… this is a TEMPORARY MEASSURE that will be COMING TO AN END NEXT WEEK!!


That’s right, after my 2 weeks time off from work, I returned with my resignation letter.


At the start of the year I told the universe what I wanted, and made it known that I WOULD GO FOR IT! I have been dilly dallying & telling myself what I want/ what I wanted to do, and spent years day dreaming about it, but I WASN’T PREVIOUSLY BRAVE ENOUGH TO DO IT…THIS YEAR AND BEYOND, I WILL BE CONQUERING ANY USELESS FEARS THAT HAVE BEEN HOLDING ME BACK!!!!!!!


I am still a superstitious Empress; so I don’t think I’ll be announcing my plans JUST YET, however, as my journey progresses I shall fill y’all in.


Until then….



Stay posted.




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