“Let’s Link Up!”= Myth

For the past 2 months, I have been arranging to link up with 2 people (separately). We arranged a date, time & a location (as you do) and I expected for these link ups to proceed as planned.



However, for whatever reason, both of these individuals have flopped me. Not only did they flop me once, but they have both done so on NUMEROUS occasions. ANNOYING, isn’t even the word!


I’m a busy person; yet, I believe that you can NEVER be TOO BUSY to make time for the people that you care about. I originally asked to link up with these 2 individuals, because I had not seen them for a while. After they 1st flopped me, they both ARRANGED TO LINK UP WITH ME, yet, on each occasion, these link ups NEVER occurred.


The way that it happens is what even irritates me more. The respect has clearly gone missing. Someone set up Google Maps please!


Without going into too much detail, stupid things like the following occur:


  • They do not answer my calls when it is time to link up.
  • They call/message me about 1 hour before link up time with an excuse.
  • They go out elsewhere & say that they will hola at me after, so that we can meet up. Myth.
  • Shifts get “mixed up”.
  • Schedules get “mixed up”.
  • Someone’s Koala got stolen (Ok slight exaggeration here, but you get my drift)


My time is precious, and I do not appreciate people wasting it. It is unacceptable to continuously arrange to link up with me, knowing full well that you WILL NOT MAKE IT. I am aware that I cannot just put the blame on them 2, I also blame myself for being naïve and assuming that both parties would come correct, and not make this a reoccurring theme.


To say that it is their loss is an understatement. In actual fact, there was a reason as to why I wanted to see them, and this reason goes BEYOND me “not seeing them for a while”.


Anyway, after my multiple attempts in trying to do so, I am done trying.


I respect that we are all busy people, but such actions, in my opinion, are UNACCEPTABLE. Not only is it a waste of my energy, but it is also a WASTE OF MY TIME, which is something that I DO NOT HAVE MUCH OF as my current chapter is coming to an end.


Nevertheless, as I prepare for my new journey ahead, I will focus on spending any spare time that I have on people that actually respect and appreciate me enough to make time for me, rather than using my energy on people who proclaim that they care, yet their actions show the complete opposite.


                         “Actions speak louder than words”.


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