4 Shifts left!

Last week DRAGGED. As I expected, my Bank Holiday Monday shift was extremely boring. The week at work was quite dead, in terms of lack of customers.


However, this will be my last week at work, and I have GOT TO SAY, I WILL MISS MY WORK COLLEAGUES! I in fact also still miss my old work colleagues from my previous employment too.


I have been so blessed to meet so many incredible individuals and I am happy that they have been apart of my various life journeys. Although there have been many times that I have complained about being unhappy about my job role, I’d be lying if I said that I did not enjoy conversing with various colleagues/customers. I do get a buzz when I can take away something positive during unexpected conversations with people whom I may not have normally had the opportunity to speak to.


I am hoping that my last week will be nice and smooth, as for whatever reason, last week I ended up getting into 2 disagreements with 2 colleagues. 1 of them apologised and the misunderstanding was cleared up, however, the other 1 has decided to act like I am invisible. That is perfectly fine with me, as he is a new colleague who appears to have an attitude problem because he is a Manager elsewhere and thinks that his current job role is beneath him.


I have made a promise to myself that no matter how successful I become, I will NEVER look down on others. I know where I come from, and I know where I am heading. NOTHING can change my mind frame in terms of how I carry myself, or how I treat others.


As I have previously stated, we are only 6 months into 2016 yet I’ve learnt so much about myself as well as various individuals.


Although I will be a bit sad to be parting ways from an environment that I have only been apart of for over 4 months, I am happy to move on, fearlessly, excited for the unknown.



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