No Regrets.

Yesterday, as boredom was consuming me at work, my mind started drifting off. It was like, you know in those films when someone is having flashbacks about various moments in their lives?? Yeah… that. I had travelled back to many points in my life, when I had invested time, emotions, or even money into people or things that I cared about (at that specific moment in time), whom are no longer apart of my life.



I at 1 point, found myself chuckling to myself. I mean it’s not everyday cry over certain situations, relationships or friendships that did not work out right? Plus I’m not really the crying type. I may have a slight wobble, brush myself off, reflect on every situation and then focus on what I have learnt from it. I also then thank Jah that I had a lucky escape, and then reassure myself that it could have been “much worse”.


Anyways, as I continued chuckling and shaking my head at my previous “lack of ability” to spot certain signs, or my previous choice to just IGNORE all the flashing red warning lights (* Ahem * I mean giving folks the benefit of the doubt), in hopes that certain individuals would change and in fact show me that they were who I originally thought they were, I smiled at my growth as an individual.


People’s inability to appreciate/respect me, has not had a negative impact on my mind frame. Of course, there have been times in the past when I have questioned if maybe I should cut back on my “niceness”, but those ridiculous thoughts, lasted nothing longer than a few seconds. Why should I change my character, just because a couple of c*nts are unworthy to have my presence in their lives? That’s no skin off of my nose. It just allows me to continue being the great, care-free, strong- minded individual that I am, as life continues to bless me with great family & friends, and someday, an awesome partner in crime. Plus, when you grow up, you learn that when someone shows you their true colours TAKE IT AS THAT!



“Character is like pregnancy. It doesn’t matter what 1 does to try and hide it, it will always show”.   – African Proverb.


So IN OTHER WORDS if someone shows you that they are an idiot, DON’T DOUBT OR QUESTION IT!


I have always said, that I am someone that DOESN’T BELIEVE IN REGRETS. Anything that I have done, or not done, is because I wanted or did not want to do so at that time. Therefore, to now sit back and “regret it” just because things did not pan out how I wanted it to, simply does not make sense to me. If I had not given certain people/things a chance, I would not have gone through everything that I previously have, and learnt from it.


EVERY situation that we go through as individuals, whether we like it or not, add to our life experiences/journeys. To say that you regret them would be like saying that you regret learning something new or that you regret growing as an individual. Experiences allow us to become wiser. “Knowledge is power(as most folks that have no idea what this means continuously like to scream out!) These things allow us to learn about ourselves & the behaviours of certain individuals (even if they lack home training). It also gives us a heads up about certain things to overlook, or not accepted in the near future.






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