Chapter Closed.

Yesterday was my last day at work.


Throughout the week I had been presented with various gifts, and the last batch was given to me before my last shift.


Although my time at this place of employment was short, I’d be lying if I said that I had not met some great people. These people added positivity to my life in various ways, and I feel blessed to have come across them, on this journey that we call life. I wish them nothing but the best in their future endeavours.


Now that this chapter has closed, I am mighty excited about what’s ahead. I have zero fears, and I am ready to give everything my ALL or NOTHING. The way that my mind frame is currently set up, no negative energy can sabotage anything!


Anyway, in the week ahead, I will drop a vlog(s?). It feels like it has been a while since I have done so. The truth is that, I am really enjoying blogging & have slightly put vlogging on a back seat. Nevertheless, I will still continue to drop videos here and there, however, I will predominately be focusing on keeping my posts on here up to date. I love being able to express myself via written words, and enjoy playing on your imagination and taking you to various places through the power of it.


Vlogging requires more time (e.g. having to edit & slap my logo on everything) and so I will only be doing so if I really feel like I have a message that requires you to see me visually in order for you to thoroughly get it! (Or if I have time lol)



Below are 3 quotes from the GREAT Muhammad Ali, which speaks VOLUMES to me. May he Rest In Peace.



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