The Perfect Heartbreak

maxresdefaultAmy Winehouse– Back To Black (Song)

This song was inspired by Winehouse’s relationship with Blake Fielder-Civil. He had left her for an ex girlfriend.

Many artists have covered this song, including Beyoncé & Andre 3000 for a film soundtrack.

Sam Smith- In The Lonely Hour (Album)1401x788-6000-1-009_f2_rgb

I haven’t listened to this album, however, I am aware that it was inspired by heartbreak. It also featured his popular song “Stay With Me” which was number 1 in the UK, peaked in the top 10 in over 20 countries and was number 2 in the US.

When he won 4 Grammy’s last year, he thanked his ex-boyfriend “for the heartbreak that inspired such success”- Quote The Telegraph

Adele-2015-press-Alasdair-McLellan-XL-billboard-650-2Adele– 21 (Album)

In 2012, Adele won 6 Grammy’s for her album 21. I won’t bore you with all the glory details/figures, but again, what was the inspiration behind it???

You guessed it!

I could continue to give you various examples showcasing music artists that have used heartbreak to create magic and become a success, but I will assume that you get the general point.

So, The Perfect Heartbreak.

Getting your heart-broken is obviously not a walk in the park (No Giggs).Unknown

We all deal with this situation in various ways. Some people may want to cry over it, drink, smoke etc. Some people may naturally lose their appetite; refuse to leave the house etc. Overall, when we think of heartbreak we automatically associate it with sadness & negativity.

When having my bedtime shower last night (yes, I really do have a shower straight before I sleep) I started thinking about my previous relationships. I also thought back to when my close friend Jemani told me that I handle “breakups very well”. I mean, not all relationships have been “heartbreak” as such, but the general thing for me, is that I just did not allow any breakup to break me.

So let’s take it back to 2013. I was back with my ex (you know when they say an ex is an ex for a reason? Yeah…) and long story cut short, in 2014, I discovered via social media, that he was a serial cheat. As in, not only was he cheating on me, BUT it was with MULTIPLE WOMEN!


I remember sending a voice note to my girls explaining what had happened, and they thought I was a nutter because my tone of voice was very calm. Anyway, I will not lie, and say that I wasn’t affected by it. I in fact lost my appetite for a few days or so, not to mention, my sleeping pattern was all over the place! However that breakup was the true birth of me. I started thinking of various ways to not focus on this negative situation. I became more physically active by taking up outdoor fitness classes, changing up my diet, socializing and just bettering myself. I could have easily opted to go and f*ck up his house/car (trust me when I say this could have been easily arranged) but what was the point? He had already done what he did (which by the ways he had no remorse for) and to be very blunt with you, HE WAS STILL LIVING HIS LIFE! So going to damage his goods did not make sense to me. If anything, I would have ended up doing jail time, and I am FAR TOO FINE FOR THAT!


All jokes aside, what I am trying to say, is that break ups may actually be a perfect way for you to truly find yourself. A break up may give you that push for you to explore life in a way that you never previously did, a way that may benefit you. If Adele never got her heart-broken, would she have won all those Grammy’s? I’m a massive believer in spinning negative situations into something positive and heartbreak is 1 of those situations. Rather than wallow in self-pity for outrageous amounts of time, over someone who was not even worthy of you in the 1st place, why not use this opportunity to be the star of your own show (your own life in other words). DO NOT allow life to pass you by, with the mentality that the world owes you sh*t because your heart is in tatters.

You’ve just experienced The Perfect Heartbreak, which has now unlocked the doors for you to be out with the old and in with the new.




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