Address It.

As the new week soon commences, I thought I’d share a little something with y’all. You see, as I am currently embarking on the journey of the unknown out here in Ghana, it has made me a little reflective.


Earlier on this year, I had encountered a few situations that I did not handle, how I would have, at this current moment in my life. In other words, the woman that I am now is not the same woman that I was a few months ago, or even yesterday. I am forever growing, maturing, learning about myself etc.


Nevertheless, after looking back on certain situations, I was not impressed by how I either disappeared/blocked people out of my life, without directly telling them why. I would be lying if I said that these people I ghosted from, did not deserve it. However, for whatever reason, I was not at peace with my previous decisions. I mean, let’s flip the script. If someone just ghosted out of my life (depending on the situation), I would not be thrilled about it. I would at least want an explanation as to why.


Due to this, I reached out to those individuals. I simply sent them a message, apologising for disappearing, explained why, and wished them all the best. I did not want to rekindle any type of relationship with them again, but it was something that needed to be done in order for me to have inner peace.


I am pro having inner peace, and keeping my energy positive. I refuse to become a bitter person because of someone’s wrongdoing. Furthermore, my current character is not a character of a p*ssy that shy’s away from telling people that they are pissing me off, giving them reasons as to how they are pissing me off, before then calling it a day (after giving them a chance for them to redeem themselves of course!) If you do not explain what someone has done wrong, before disappearing, it leaves room for there to be unnecessary speculation. I want EVERYONE that crosses my path to ALWAYS know where they stand with me.


The long and short of this post is that being upfront is the best way. If someone keeps pissing you off, be vocal about it and let them know. Do not just run away and hide from the situation. Address it head on. If your spirit is anything like mine, you’d eventually look back on things and question yourself as to why you took the weak option of running away, rather than taking charge of things and ending a relationship (whether it is a friendship or a romantic relationship) verbally, before continuing to move on with your life.


Now that I fully have inner peace, I can now conquer the world.


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