5 reasons why I am currently happy being single.



  1. FREEDOM  


Please do not get me wrong, being in a relationship does not mean that you do not have your personal freedom. However, your “freedom” to some extent, is limited.


Being a singleton like myself means that you can do what you want, when you want, how you want without having to take any partner of yours into consideration. For example, I am currently out here in Ghana and I have no idea when I will return back to the UK. However, if I had a boyfriend I’d have to take his feelings into consideration and possibly either have to convince him to come to Ghana to visit me, or I’d have to limit my stay.


Any spare time I have, would go into contacting my boyfriend, whether it is via FaceTime/Skype (I’m already having enough data issues as it is), or messaging back and forth. At the moment, any spare time I have, is used to do as I please without any worries. (In short I can be selfish with my time and smile about it!)




Every single day, I am growing as an individual. I learn new things about myself, as well as expanding my knowledge through new people that I encounter along my journey.


If you are single, this is the perfect time for you to build an amazing bond with yourself. After all, if you do not love yourself and grow as an individual, how can you expect someone to love and grow with you?





This is the best time for you to reflect on recent/previous relationships. Use these experiences as a learning curve.


Do not sit around and feel sorry for yourself because these relationships did not work out. What you should actually do is focus on what you learnt about yourself and what you learnt about being in a relationship. Use this time to think about what you would/wouldn’t tolerate in your new relationship, and make a mental note of things that you may possibly do differently whenever you decide to enter a new one.


However DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT just focus on all the good times that you had with your now ex, as that will deceive your mind into thinking that you actually miss that individual. Thinking that way may have you wanting to give them another chance. From my experiences (keep in mind that I have given 2 previous ex’s a 2nd chance) an EX IS AN EX FOR A REASON HONEY!! REMEMBER WHY YOU BROKE UP WITH THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE!



Loving yourself is obviously a major key whether you are in a relationship or not. However, when you are single use this time to really love yourself including loving things that you previously saw as imperfections. These so called “imperfections”, make you YOU.


For example, maybe you previously felt uncomfortable wearing jeans because your ex boyfriend would make comments about your behinds being non-existent. Girl, if you like wearing jeans, wear those jeans, look at yourself in the mirror and remind yourself of how beautiful you and your figure are.


This is obviously not something that can be done overnight, but overtime when you work on your confidence it will naturally become apart of your aura. Loving yourself from within will surely show on the outside. Confidence is key. It is a matter of how YOU view yourself.




Over 2 years ago, I discovered that my boyfriend at the time was cheating on me with multiple women. Rather than sitting around crying and comfort eating (there’s nothing wrong with that by the ways) I decided to take up outdoor fitness classes. I haven’t looked back since then.


Ladies & Gents, picking up a new hobby whether it is reading, exercising, cooking, writing, dancing etc. is a perfect way not only to get over a break up, but also a great way to feel good about yourself when single. It also helps to take your mind off of certain things, and opens doors to a new world.


Do not shy away from trying something new, you never know it may unlock doors to a hidden talent that you never knew you had.







Being single is not the end of the world. It is golden time for you to solely focus on yourself before someone enters your world.


In my opinion, it shouldn’t take someone becoming your boyfriend/girlfriend to make you happy, HOWEVER, they should ADD to your happiness. In order for that to happen you need to work on making and keeping yourself happy.



  1. well said dear. the 5 facts given above is really therapeutic when it comes to taking a decision and moving; where a lot could be achieved when you focus on you.
    by the way if one keeps concentrating on theirselves for long it is mostlikely for them to stay single forever (I can relate). but there comes a time in ones life where being in a relationship and for that matter marriage and procreation becomes a mandate.

    I think if one relationship does not work out there is always another chance to make another one work. being selfish wouldn’t help much in the long term, but rather one needs to compromise, in as much as the future is at stake.

    I think I would like to read on the next post how one can move from a failed relationship to a better one, because no one can stay single forever….

    1. I appreciate your comment/feedback. You are very right about one not staying single for a lifetime. I should have stated that at this present moment of my life, I am happy being single.

      As for the next post being on how one can move from a failed relationship to a better one, I guess you’ll have to wait and see..

      God bless!

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