Rattray Park- Kumasi, Ghana

So, I’ve now been in Kumasi, Ghana for over 2 months. Although I seem to not blog/vlog about it much, I’m very happy that I’m settling in and slowly going out and about.

Last week, I decided that I wanted to visit a park. Rattray Park to be precise.

“Rattray Park is a recreational and a modern amusement park located in Kumasi in the capital city of the Ashanti Region of Ghana”.- Wikipedia


Below is a short video that I came across via Google showcasing an Aerial footage of Rattray Park, Kumasi.

So, my friend and me decided to check the park out for ourselves. We got to the gate and were greeted by what appeared to be security guards in soldier uniform.

“20 Ghana to enter”.


“20 Ghana for you to enter this park. That is 10 Ghana Cedis per person”


I physically dragged my friend back and saidOh hell no. There is no way I’m paying 20 Ghana to sit in-between plants, and then pay extra for food and drinks. Let’s go!”

Although I was surprised/a bit annoyed by the price to enter a park, I also found it exceptionally funny. How can they charge a whole 10 GHC on a normal day? I personally think that that is far too expensive. I mean, I fully understand that the park is to some extent a tourist attraction, but I believe that it would make sense to charge 10GHC if there was an event going on. If they are so hell-bent on charging people to enter this park, then I believe that it would be reasonable to charge 5GHC for adults, and kids should either be FREE or 2GHC.

I’m not quite sure just how popular this park is, as after doing a Google search I only came across 14 reviews (although all the comments were fairly positive and emphasising that this “park is great as in Kumasi there doesn’t seem to be much to do”) on the day that I was trying to attend this park, I was peaking through the walls and noticed that it was fairly empty.

Maybe if the price was not so ridiculous it would have been busier, or maybe it was due to it being a Wednesday early afternoon? Either ways, I thought this was something worthy of me to write about as this is the first “touristy” kind of thing I have attempted to do.




    1. That even makes it worse as I never knew that. Absolutely ridiculous in my opinion. I highly doubt i’ll go, unless there is an event or someone pays for me 🙂

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