Women Are NOT Humans.

Y’all know that I’ve been having tummy issues since I got to Ghana. However, I’d like to take a moment and say:

God bless the individual that created these capsules.

Loperamide Capsules

Taking 1 of these capsules a day, stops any form of running.

Anyway, story time…

Two days ago, I instantly woke up from sleep (around 3am) with a rush to use the loo. I’ll spare you the details, but lets just say I spent the majority of that morning communicating with my toilet seat, until my brother arrived with the capsules pictured above.


As you know, when I’m not feeling 100%, I despise just laying in bed and feeling sorry for myself. Due to this I was still trying to remain active around my household.

I could hear my sister-in-law calling my name from our compound, and so I proceeded to make my way to the front of our house.


“Maame, could you please sit here & watch this twin (I have a baby twin niece & nephew) whilst I pop down to the stall and buy some tomatoes?”

Even before I said “sure”, I noticed that there was a man that I was unfamiliar with, standing in my compound, talking. This man was tall, well built, dark-skinned and looked like he was in his early 40s. He had a stripy pink and white shirt and his trousers were worn like the gentleman below:


“Ay, another woman in this house? Why are there so many women in this household? For what? Where are all the men?”

 He looked in my direction & appeared to be puzzled by my appearance, however, I knew that I WAS NOT in the mood to entertain his stupidity. Especially as I knew that at any given moment I’d have to do a Usain Bolt to the loo.


I looked at my sister-in-law and agreed, only for me to hear the following:

“Pssshhhtttt, if my wife ever gives me a girl child I’d tell her to return it to wherever it came from. A GIRL CHILD? WHAT ON EARTH DO I NEED THEM FOR? WHEN WE TALK ABOUT HUMANS THEY ARE NOT INCLUDED!”


“Maame, are you hearing what this guy is saying?” My sister-in-law asked smirking because she knows how sharp mouthed I can be.


“You know what sis, I’ll just take this twin to my room were we will enjoy peace and quiet”



I proceeded to pick my baby niece up, and hurriedly took her to my room. While we were playing in my room, I could hear this guy ranting on about there not being any point in giving birth to a girl child.

If I were to say that I am surprised to hear such a pathetic comment, then I would be lying. You see, my mother has previously told me stories of some African men who genuinely believe that having girl children are pointless. I mean come on, look at some of these Nollywood movies were the guy has been desperate for a male child! To them, boys are important, as they are an heir to whatever assets they may have. However, all I could think about was that, if having girl children are absolutely pointless, was it not someone that borned (yes borned *African accent*) your wife whom you now have a family with?


Anyway, may be on a good day, I would have educated this man, but I guess he is lucky that he caught me on an off key day. That being said, I have learnt that it is not all comments/people that deserve your attention. He appeared to be so far gone in his ignorant thoughts, that he thought it was normal to engage in such a pathetic conversation with my SISTER-IN-LAW WHO HERSELF IS A WOMAN. I think that that alone says enough.



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