Not Every Opportunity Is A Good Opportunity.

I was actually supposed to drop this post at some point last week, however, you know how life is, so many unexpected things can happen. However, by God’s grace, I guess today was the day that it was right for me to post this. The funny thing is that, when I had originally planned to post this, various things that had not happened since then, happened. This means I can add more knowledge to what I am about to say.

I came to Ghana with a purpose. This purpose is something that the good Lord knows that I feel strongly about. I believe that in life, if you really want to do something, you need to thoroughly BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, WORK HARD, TRUST IN GOD’S PLAN, KNOW WHAT EXACTLY YOU WANT, amongst many other things.

Anyway, a few weeks ago an “opportunity” came my way. I was rather excited about it, and after things seemed to be finalized, I made an announcement on my Snap Chat and Twitter. Messages of congratulations soon swept away my mentions, and I was ecstatic to call my parents and also give them the good news. I will not go into what exactly that “opportunity” was, however, I’ll say that it was a great stepping stone to help reach my destination. So I thought.

As you are aware, I may not be heavily religious. However, I pray over EVERYTHING, whether GOOD OR BAD. All that week I continuously prayed and thanked the Lord for this opportunity, BUT I asked for me to be shown signs in order to know whether or not that opportunity was really for me. You look a bit puzzled. Let me explain. The opportunity had come my way. This means that the opportunity is now mine right? Indeed that is correct, it was now my opportunity and chance for me to shine, HOWEVER whether or not this opportunity was an opportunity that would be beneficial to my journey and me, was yet to be determined.

During that week, I found myself stressing a lot and trying to work as hard as possible. I spent long hours, at the studio researching, discussing, writing scripts, amongst various things, only for me to get home, rush my dinner and continue to work. That week I could not sleep as all that was on my mind was this opportunity and wanting to prove that although I was a “newbie in town” I was indeed a perfect fit for this role.

However, everything I did was somehow not good enough.

That’s boring!”

“Absolutely crap!”

“Yeah? Why would people care?”


“Waste of time!”

This was not even a case of me being pushed to my full potential. I am an individual that likes to be challenged and learn new things. However, I was rudely bashed and all my efforts went unnoticed. You know the saying “it’s not what you say, it is how you say it“? This was a perfect example. “The men in power” would often mock and try to belittle me in order to prove that I wasn’t “Ghanaian enough”, although the funny thing is that, that place of what would have been work, was supposed to be a predominately English speaking environment.

Various unacceptable things happened that week. This caused me to feel unappreciated and disrespected in what was supposed to be my new working environment. The day before what was supposed to be the high-end of the week, I discovered (by accident at that) that I had even been lied to about my role in this “opportunity”. So not only was I working hard in order to show my skills and it go unappreciated, but I had also been lied to, for what reason?

Fast-forward to 2 week later, I am no longer involved in that situation. I actually politely decided to call it quits, by the end of that 1st week. You see, I thought about it and all signs led to 1 thing, THAT OPPORTUNITY WAS NOT FOR ME.

Although at the time, I did not comprehend why that happened, looking back on that situation I have taken a few things on board, here are a few:


  1. I can NEVER be so desperate, and not know my worth to the extent that I will work in an environment were I am not treated with respect.
  2. Even if a company wants to see what I am capable of before discussing my salary, transportation costs MUST BE COVERED (especially if they expect me to be in 5-6 days a week!)
  3. I need to be SELECTIVE with what so-called “opportunities” come my way. Not every “opportunity”, is 1 worth me saying yes to. Before I take on any opportunities in the near future I need to think about what will I gain from such an opportunity? How will it benefit me in that long run? Will I feel happy taking on such a thing? Inner peace and happiness is something I value dearly and I wouldn’t be in Ghana right now if that were not the case. If I can see that the company benefits more from me being there, than I do, then there is no point (especially if I am also not being paid that makes it even worse!)
  4. I should be more vocal about my expectations before taking on any role. Just because I am a “newbie” does not mean that I should just smile and be happy that the role has simply been given to me. Chale, I am worthy of that role.Newbie” or not, I know what I am capable of and should not feel unworthy to let them know what I expect. I think in this situation,  I was not vocal enough, but this will be the 1st and last time that such a thing occurs.

Thankfully I am blessed to have awesome people in my life as a support system. No matter how motivated and determined in life you are, things like this are bound to happen and when it does, you will be sincerely grateful for the people that will continue to encourage and remind you that there are better opportunities ahead.

 In my case, I am already blessed to be involved with other ongoing opportunities, that I value, I’m valued, and will benefit me more in the long run.


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