Thank You.

I have spent the last few days, reflecting on my 2016 so far. I say so far, but the truth of the matter is that we have just over 3 months left before this year comes to an end.

At the start of the year, like a lot of people, I had set myself goals for the year (not resolutions. I REPEAT goals). By God’s grace, I have successfully achieved the majority of my goals, and I pray that I continue to remain on the right path in conquering all of my heart desires.

I entered 2016 with the assumption that certain people would be apart of my plans, however, God showed me that that was not the case. Like most things in life, when certain things happen, at that specific moment in time, we do not understand why. It is only when time has passed, and we are blessed enough to be in a better position, that it all makes sense.

Nevertheless, upon fully taking in just how crazy it may have been for me to just pack my bags and decide to move to Ghana for a while (I had actually been thinking about doing so since I was aged 18), something else hit me:


                            I truly have some incredible people in my life.




The support that I’ve had from family & friends has been mind-blowing. People via social media have taken an interest to my journey & my thought process and always encourage and commend me for my bravery. Another thing that has taken me by surprise are some of the beautiful souls that I have met since being here in Ghana. Like, when you actually sit down, and think about the positive impact that people can add to your life; whether they have been in your life for a short or long period of time, it is actually so beautiful.

I feel like sometimes, I spend so much time complaining or reflecting on individuals that hurt me in the past, that I actually forget to value and sincerely appreciate people that have been riding with me on my journey. Those people are all that matter, not people who were silly enough to not appreciate my existence.

I am not someone who is good at expressing her emotions to loved ones. I don’t take pride in not regularly being able to do so, but it is something that I am working on. I believe that I am much better at expressing my feelings now, than I was, lets say about 7 years ago. Either ways I would like to take this opportunity, to use this blog post, as a platform for me to say thank you to everyone that has supported me on my journey, and continue to do so. I feel very blessed to have the support that I do, and I’m so happy that even during times when I may feel discouraged, I have people continuously motivating me.




Being self-motivated is a blessing, however we are all human. There are times when we may feel down, discouraged or simply feel like giving up. During these times, we need good people in our lives to help guide us back onto the right path. Praying also helps, but having these Angels remind you of just how far you’ve come, and motivate you into thinking and remaining positive, is what I consider a “Major Key” *DJ Khaled Voice*



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