Data Struggle!!

If you’ve been keeping up with my tweets (@Miss_Boansi for those of you on Twitter), or been checking out my Vlogs (, you will be aware that I am struggling with Internet data restrictions out here.


I use Vodafone’s 10GB data plan, which is valid for a month. It costs 150GHC, which in my opinion is EXPENSIVE, and the worst part of it is that I CANNOT seem to make it last for a month!! The best I’ve done is made it last for 3 weeks, and the worst was 2 weeks ago, my fresh 10GB lasted 3 DAYS!!! Although, this was due to the fact that I was setting up my Facebook fan page ( and that required that I upload various things. (Let me emphasize that Vodafone’s Internet is reliable though!)


In the UK, I was used to paying a little over £20 a month and having my unlimited Internet & downloads. Due to this, the Internet transition that I’ve had to make since being out here has been a struggle.


I decided that rather than have my 10GB on a wireless router, and then bundling up my mobile phone separately (like I have been previously doing), let me just bundle up my phone, and connect it to my laptop when necessary. So 2 weeks ago, I topped up 35GHC & bundled (Vodafone Xtreme Plus). This allowed me to bundle 3.5GB data, free SMS to Vodafone numbers and 1.5GB for WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Snapchat. This bundle is valid for 30 days. After burning my recent 10GB so quickly, I wanted to see if using a bundle would help me to ration my Internet usage. 2 WEEKS WAS HOW LONG THIS BUNDLE LASTED ME!



It is important that I remain active on social media, especially as I am trying to build my brand. However, I need to work on using the Internet wisely, as not only does my data just disappear fast, but it is costing me a lot of money! I have, on the other hand, decided to just continue bundling my phone, rather than having 2 separate means of connecting online, like before. It is cheaper this way.


However, I would love to know if you have experienced my Internet struggles? How did YOU overcome it, or was it a case of you just having to adjust to it overtime? (Which to be frank, I know I will surely be able to do soon.)



  1. I know of another Vodafone package but a router instead of a modem. It costs Ghc 125 for 40 gig, so its a much better choice than what you’ve been using. The router can’t be moved to and fro, so its best to use it where you spend most of your time. Usually it lasts for a month, but intensive usage may cause it to finish in 2 weeks-ish

    1. Oh wow, I wasn’t aware of this. Thank you so much for this information. That sounds like it would be a much better option. Would I need a phone line for that though?

  2. You could use MTN’s ‘unlimited’ data package. It goes for GHS150 for 30 days and the amount of data downloaded/uploaded is unlimited.
    However, the speed is throttled to 256kb/s after 15GB of data has been transmitted, the 256kb/s will remain for 2GB of data, the speed is further reduced to 128kb/s for the next 2.5 GB of data and then 64kb/s for the unexpired period.

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