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I’mma leave this right here:



The above actually took place over 3 months ago, however, I had told myself that I would wait for the right time before writing a post on this matter.

Before coming to Ghana, I had been told the following:

“Be careful with the “men in power” when you go. When you’re a woman looking for a job, there is a high chance that they will attempt to sleep with you before giving you such opportunities”.

I took this information on board; however, I was hoping that I would not experience this.

Anyway, as for the above screenshots, let me briefly explain the story. I had at the time been in Ghana for about 2 weeks. Before flying out, I had been listening to a particular radio station. After arriving in Ghana, my brother was telling me about how he felt that I would be well suited to that station. My brother and I decided to pop down to the station. Long story cut short, I was invited into the office were there were 3 men in suits questioning my interest. They informed me that they would love to hear from me again, and so I should drop my CV with the receptionist. I ended up emailing the receptionist my CV, and also popping into her office and handing her a hardcopy. As far as I was concerned, there was obviously an opportunity available, or I would not have been told to hand in my CV. After handing it in, I decided to patiently wait; after all, I’d surely get a phone call. Instead I received the above.

Invitation for drinks “to get to know ourselves”. Absolutely RIDICULOUS, and UNPROFESSIONAL! Notice how throughout the conversation I made it clear; I was trying to keep the focus on the outcome of my application. I mean, in what world does someone apply for a role, and instead of informing them about their application status, you instead, WHATSAPP MESSAGE THEM TO INVITE THEM OUT? I also found it exceptionally laughable how he also described my CV as being “rich” (which I damn well know that it is), yet when he could tell that me going out with him for “drinks” wasn’t going to happen, all of a sudden, all positions were “filled”.



It’s exceptionally pathetic how some men in such positions use the little power that they have, for such stupidity. It saddens me that there are fellow women like myself, with different circumstances to me, that may feel like they have no option but to give into things like this, in order to secure a job. I’m definitely not judging them, but I am 100% judging these monsters, that should be hiring people based on how well suited to the job they are/ if they are capable, rather than if they are willing to get intimate with them in order for a role. Since being out here, I have discovered that this is apparently the “norm”, and men applying for roles, normally have to pay bribes.

So imagine, you have no money and decide to apply for a job, in order to have regular LEGIT income coming in, YET you now have to PAY in order to secure that role. As disgusting as this may seem/sound, I’ve seen guys laugh and say, “well, at least you women just have to pay with what is in-between your legs, and that is free. Us men are the sad ones here”. Look at it how you wish, but both circumstances should NOT be happening. This may sound a bit farfetched but is there nothing that the Ghanaian government can do in order to clamp down on such things occurring?

 Some time ago, I was unfortunate enough to enter a general managers office. Upon walking to my seat I greeted him with a “Good Afternoon, Sir” and even before I’d sat down, he was asking me if I had a boyfriend or was married. Upon seeing via my facial expression that I was shocked that he was asking such a question, he proceeded to tell me that he was an “African man and could marry as many wives as he wishes”. As miniature as this may seem to some people, it had me wondering, what is the percentage of women here in Ghana, dealing with sexual harassment from their bosses? I’m assuming that because such things are “normal” here, not much is done about it? If it were even to be reported, would the Police care? These are things that I will have to look into in my spare time.

I am fortunate enough to know my rights, and what is acceptable or unacceptable. I am also fortunate enough to decline offers from perverts and still manage to eat a few times a day. However, there are others, suffering in this tough economy, whom are seen as easy targets by these vultures in so-called “high positions”. I can talk about this all day & night, but I’m really wondering how will such things be put to an end.


As for myself and my own circumstances, I can NEVER compromise my morals for any opportunity. How I see it, if an opportunity is truly for me, my morals WILL NOT HAVE TO BE COMPROMISED.


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  1. Great post, totally agree you should never compromise your personal morals to get further in life. What’s meant for you is for you 🙂 x thanks for sharing

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