Zero Expectations.

In my opinion, it is human nature for us to naturally expect certain things from loved ones. I believe that most of the time, we expect certain things from these individuals, because we feel that we’d do the same, if tables were turned. However, upon reflecting on something that recently happened to me, I’ve decided to work on not expecting ANYTHING from ANYONE.


My reason for this is because a recent expectation had me feeling disappointed. I had to actually sit down, and ask myself “Girl, why exactly are you feeling so down about it?” All roads led to one answer —> I would have went all out for the individual if the roles had been reversed<I had to get a grip, and tell myself that that was the last time I was going to allow anyone to disappointment me, because of expectations I had for them.

I am very much aware that it is easier said than done. However, like anything in life, if you work on it, you will surely get results. If I learn to truly not expect anything from anyone, I believe that apart from it leaving zero room for disappointment, it will also be a nice surprise when certain things are done for/towards me.

Over the past week or so, I have been all up in my feelings, because folks weren’t reacting to certain situations how I would. I seemed to had forgotten that:

  1. Everyone reacts differently.
  2. Every individual loves/cares for individuals differently.
  3. You can’t force people to treat you how you’d treat them.
  4. There are people that will put things before you, although you’d put them before everything else. (I think a lot of us women have this trait. Maybe we need to cut down on being so overly accommodating)


I AM and will ALWAYS remain my main source of happiness. Any other individuals that the good Lord blesses into my life, will ADD to my happiness. I from henceforth refuse to give any loved ones in my life, the power to disappointment & upset me.

I now welcome the world of Zero Expectations with open arms.



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