True To Myself.

I am overflowing with inner peace. I feel excited and uncontrollably happy for this fresh New Year ahead. I mean, at the start of every New Year I look forward to what the year holds for me, but for some reason, I’ve never felt how I currently do now.

 Maybe this is due to the fact that my mind has never really been as free from negativity, as it is now. This time last year, I had entered the New Year with a lot of baggage and I was not BEING TRUE to MYSELF. The person that I was last Year is not the same person that I am today.

Upon returning from Ghana, I have mentally felt refreshed. I’ve reflected on my time out there, as well as how I felt before leaving here. I realised that A LOT of the so-called unhappiness that I was feeling, was because of ME. I was putting pressure on myself to rapidly achieve certain things, trying to succumb to societies demands and I was putting an unnecessary time limit on myself (in regards to certain areas of my life). In short, my outlook on life, myself, my current circumstances and where I reside were negative. This was causing me to feel exceptionally low.

 My time in Ghana was fantastic. I met some awesome people, connected with family and overall I learnt so much about the place that I call “home”. I feel so proud of myself that I went out there for those 5/6 months, as experience is invaluable. It has changed me for the better. I now also feel that I am more than comfortable to go back & forth to there, whenever I please. However, my time there has also made me realise that I took a lot of things here in the UK for granted.

I have really taken in the fact that the mind is a powerful thing, and that changing your outlook on life, will change how you think. It will also change how you feel. In other words, with the correct use of your mind & outlook on life, YOU CONTROL YOUR OWN HAPPINESS.

Remaining true to myself is my number 1 priority for this year and beyond. To be frank, I’ve started doing so for the past month or 2. Due to this, I realised that I was only with certain people, or only had certain people in my life, because I wanted to make them happy, rather than me thinking about my own happiness. As the precious life that I have been blessed with, IS 100% MINE TO LIVE, I had to be bold and let these people go. Why was I trying to by force be there for others and keep them happy, whilst sacrificing my own happiness?

I will continue to get/keep my mind right this year. I want to WIN in all aspects of my life, and when I say this, I don’t mean win by your standards; I am going to WIN by my OWN STANDARDS. I AM GOING TO BE HAPPY WITH EVERYTHING THAT I DO, AND EVERYONE THAT I HAVE AROUND ME. With the use of my mind, I am going to create my own world, which essentially will ooze nothing put positive energy into the universe.

Happy New Year to you all. Thank you so much for the support & feedback that you gave me in 2016. I hope that the love you have shown me shall remain throughout this year and beyond. God bless you.

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