Two days ago, I received a phone call from a job application I’d made a week ago.


Are you fully flexible?” She asked me in an inquisitive tone.

“I’m flexible but, not on Sundays though, as that’s my church day”, I replied.

“Well sorry then, we won’t be able to progress with your application. We need someone that is fully flexible.”

“okey dokey, that’s fine. Thanks for the call back anyway”.

“Thank you for applying”.

                                                                                                                The call ended.


I don’t have any hard feelings about how that phone call went. To be frank, I had already discussed with my brother, over the weekend, and I had told him that I wasn’t sure about the role. I prayed over it, and as God will have it, I was shown that this role obviously wasn’t for me. Let me tell you why.



Since returning from Ghana, I have been thinking about various ways that I can make positive changes to my life & myself. In previous posts I have stated that I believe in God, but over the years my relationship between church & so called “religious folks”, was like me becoming a make up expert (a myth). However, I decided it was time for a change & felt like now was the time to do so.


Due to this, I’ve been attending mass on Sundays via the Roman Catholic Church that I grew up in. There are many things that I still do not believe in, but I would be lying if I said that attending mass hasn’t added to my positive mind frame, and inner peace lately. My favourite part about this 1-hour service is when the Priest discusses how to add positivity to your life and others, without being judgmental.


So as I have been applying to job roles, I have already told myself that Sundays is a big no – no. I would like to continue using Sundays as my day of worship, and I do not want to put any job role before that. Working after Sunday mass would be ok, but sacrificing my church time, really is not worth it. I totally understand why some companies may need individuals to be fully flexible; however, these companies also need to take peoples faiths into consideration. If a company cannot do that, then I’m not willing to be a part of it.


Lately, I’ve been really focusing on getting my mind right. This includes the ability to look at the bigger picture & not focus on negative things. I am working on fully being able to trust in God and know/feel that everything will go according to plan, so long as I put the work in. I am also working on being patient in every aspect of my journey, as lets face it, things don’t just happen overnight.


Since I have been blogging/vlogging, I have touched down on various topics. I am proud of my achievements so far, but I’ll now be focused/focusing on what/who I truly am. My brand Miss Boansi is not about appealing to EVERYONE, but specific types/groups of people. God willing, this year, you will understand what I mean by this statement.


At some point, I felt like I was just regularly posting videos or blog entries, just to feel like I wasn’t being idle, without caring if the content I was putting out is of any relevance to myself, or my consumers. Due to this, from now on, I will only post things that serve a PURPOSE. Quality OVER quantity.


If you have not already done so, subscribe to my YouTube: OfficialMissBoansi


God bless you all.





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