Emma The “Career Coach”.


I’ve officially been back in London for a month now. This obviously means that I have had more than enough time to settle back into my usual lifestyle. When new years day arrived, I began sending out CV’S / filling out job applications.


2 weeks ago, I was having a nose around Facebook, and an advert came up about signing up to a free webinar. The webinar was going to be hosted by this supposed successful American career coach. She was going to help people “correct the biggest mistakes that they make on their CVs”, so that they can start getting calls for interviews. The ad also made it known that this particular woman in question was also going to give various interview tips, and useful advice to job hunters like myself. Awesome I thought, as I proceeded to fill in my details and sign up to this free online webinar. It was due to start the following week.


The big day arrived & the session started at 7pm promptly. It lasted for about an hour & a half. This lady (let’s call her Emma) spent about 10-15 minutes going over basic CV knowledge (things that are already covered in college in my opinion). Emma than proceeded to spend the following hour and 15 minutes shoving the prices of her full services down our throats. It was literally like someone continuously stating the following:


For $2000 I can offer you an incredible package of X amount of 1 on 1 sessions, which will secure the job that you are after. I have an X% success rate. Included in these sessions are (insert all this crappy stuff that you cannot currently afford as you are skint). Oh, and if you are somehow doubting me here are videos from some of the people that I have “helped”. If for whatever reason, you cannot afford $2000, I have decided to make things easier for you by creating an installment plan over an X monthly period, so that you don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity.



I am not going to sit here and bash someone’s hustle, however, what I will say is that that webinar was a complete joke.


I understand that the whole idea was to wet mine and others people’s appetite, and lure us into wanting this amazing “full package”, of “securing” a “meaningful, well paying job”. HOWEVER, I have 2 questions to ask:


  1. How on earth am I supposed to afford almost $2000, when I’m skint and need A JOB in order to make money?
  2. Even if I HAD THE MONEY, why would I fork out such an amount of money, for these so-called services that I have not even had a sample of?




Luckily, I am smart enough to think of better ways to spend my money (or the little that I currently have). I am confident that I’ll soon secure a job, and I know that God has got some amazing plans for me this year. However, upon seeing the same advert via facebook for Emma’s webinar yesterday, it really made me wonder, how many people desperate for a job/career job would actually pay all of that money, without any real evidence to show that she is indeed an awesome “career coach“??? I did actually attempt to do some research on Emma and found very little proof that she is indeed as “great” as she says she is.


I don’t doubt that there are some genuine fantastic career coaches out there that help improve people’s career prospects massively. However, I do sincerely believe that it all starts from WITHIN. If you YOU WANT SOMETHING, THEN GO FOR IT. I also understand that sometimes we may want something, but also require the help of others to reach our destination. There is NOTHING wrong with this, HOWEVER if you feel that you are totally incapable or unworthy of reaching your full potential, then a “career coach” or any other type of coach, WILL NOT BE ABLE TO HELP YOU REACH THE GOALS THAT YOU DESIRE.


An example of what I am talking about is the following:


Jimmy wants to lose weight. He decides to join his local gym. Upon attending gym twice in 1 week, and seeing no results, he now feels and thinks that he is incapable of losing weight. (Jimmy has made zero changes to his diet by the way, and has ONLY been working out for a week). He decides to hire a personal trainer (let’s call him Olu). Jimmy insists that it was a waste of money for him to have joined the gym. However, he let’s Olu know that he is putting all his faith in Olu, in order to “make him lose weight”.


To me, the above DOESN’T MAKE SENSE. You wanted something, and granted, you have made the 1st move, but you’re seeking quick results when you have not fully put the work in. Not only that, but you also don’t believe that you are capable or worthy to achieve what you want, so that is already a problem. Thirdly, you’re putting your all into someone else to “fix your problem”, without changing your mind-frame and positively working with this individual, in order to reach your goal.


We need to look at the bigger picture of EVERY SITUATION that we are in. If you don’t “shine your eyes”, people will use your current situation to their advantage, and profit from it, even if they cannot provide you with genuine help. If they can provide genuine help at a charge (we all have to make a living) then that is great, but even then, in order to see results, you need to truly BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. Don’t be so engrossed in feeling sorry for yourself that you end up throwing money away on people like Emma.





      1. I know it’s kind of sad. I dated a guy in college who fell for one of those pyramid schemes…. I think anyone can be susceptible sadly.

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