My World, My Life

All I had wanted this year for Valentine’s Day was a JOB! Yesterday, I GOT ONE!

They say that money isn’t everything, but the good Lord knows that my bank account was collecting dust. I’m happy to be returning back into the working world, in 2 weeks time.



Being unemployed, wasn’t complete doom and gloom for me though. Aside from job-hunting, I also used my time to reflect. I realised that there were so many things in my life that I had previously taken for granted. Also, you know the saying that you only know who your real people are “during low times”? I discovered that this is 100% true.


As you already know, it’s been my dream to work within the media industry since forever. However, yesterday I made the decision that I would quit continuously applying to these media companies. I have had enough of either being rejected, or ignored. I could bore you with multiple stories of I attending meetings or making applications, and then doing the follow up calls etc. and being completely disregarded.


I have the experience, passion, determination & all that extra good stuff, but the fact still remains: DOORS KEEP GETTING SLAMMED IN MY FACE, OR THEY AREN’T BREAKING WHEN I AM KICKING THEM DOWN! Due to this, I’ve decided to stick my 2 middle fingers up to all these companies that do not want to acknowledge me, and focus on creating/stabilising my own platform. So, although I’ll have my fulltime Monday-Friday hustle, in my spare time, I’ll be doing what I love, without having to deal with rejection from anyone. I actually feel quite liberated and excited about what is in store.



Before Christmas, I’d been made to feel as though I was “petty” for potentially wanting to block someone out of my life. The funniest thing is that this same individual, decided to unfollow me on Instagram, recently. I’d be lying if I said that I cared, I had already deleted the person in questions number, however, isn’t it ironic how the idea of me blocking them angered them, yet eventually, WHEN THEY WERE READY, they happily unfollowed me?


Aside from the fact that this was obviously some form of reverse psychology (which temporarily worked, as even though I’d delete them from my phonebook, they were still lingering on my social media) the penny really dropped for me.


This is my world and my life. I have EVERY right to decide who does, or doesn’t, deserve to be a part of my life. It IS NOT my duty to make other people happy. MY HAPPINESS IS KEY! That person was someone who I should have immediately cut off from the get go, yet, I allowed this individual to see what was going on in my life (via social media). Why should someone so manipulative and negative, be blessed with the opportunity to see how I am getting on? They shouldn’t, and that is where I f*cked up!


Nevertheless, we live and we learn. After acknowledging the unfollow, I blocked this person off of every single platform that I could think of, including YouTube. I also did the same thing to another person from the past, some days after. I actually felt as though a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Finally, I’ve fully got rid of these negative beings from the past!!


I am the Queen of my castle, and I should not endure rubbish, just to make other people feel comfortable. Now that I have fully established this, my life will exclude unnecessary headache. My world now involves certainty, confidence, happiness, good health and a major key called self-love.



  1. I heard Les Brown say money ain’t everything but it’s right there with oxygen lol. Congrats on the new Job, I am happy for you, sometimes you need a stepping stone to your dream job! As regards cutting people from the past I couldn’t agree more, nowadays I don’t even give people 2 strikes and they are out. If someone shows you who they are please believe them. Great post enjoyed reading it. 😊

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