1st Solo Trip – Booked!

As discussed via my new Vlog, I have booked my 1st solo trip. I had been toying with the idea of travelling alone for a while. I’m ecstatic to now finally be in the process of making it happen!


In 2014, I visited Malta. However, due to negative factors, I did not thoroughly get to enjoy the beauty of there. My boyfriend at the time was behaving very off key and the hotel that we stayed at was horrendous! Anyway, upon arriving back to the UK, I discovered that my so-called “boyfriend”, was every other girl’s boyfriend too!


Now in this 2017, I have grown so much as an individual and I am BEYOND OVER that situation. Over the years I have worked on self-love, self-confidence and being unapologetically me. Re-doing this destination ALONE is going to fulfill my on-going journey of LIVING MY LIFE FOR MYSELF AND NOT ALLOWING ANYONE’S NEGATIVITY TO HOLD ME BACK.


Aside, from wanting to create new & positive memories of Malta, here are 4 reasons that attracted me to travelling ALONE:


  1. I don’t have to rely, or wait on anyone’s schedule apart from my own. I simply decided when I wanted to go, did my research, and booked my flight!
  2. This year, 1 of the things that I am very big on, is doing more things alone.
  3. I am a huge fan of travelling; why not conquer a wonderful new experience, abroad, alone with my amazing self, whilst learning about my travel destinations culture?
  4. I have a strong feeling that after this trip, I will be inspired to explore other places. Exploring other places = to new experiences, meeting new people, and learning more about various countries/cultures, as/how I wish to.



So in short, I love the idea of reconnecting with myself ALONE, in a new environment, on MY OWN TERMS AND CONDITIONS. I view it as going on a “lil adventure” with myself. No distractions, just a chance to fully reconnect and recharge my soul.


This is an experience that I hope you will also get to have, if you haven’t already done so.


Malta 2014.


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