“You’re Slim, You Don’t Need Gym!”

I have been back at the Gym since January. My fitness journey is an interesting one, and I am enjoying it. At present, I work out 3 times a week and this includes a session with a Personal Trainer. This weekend, I decided to incorporate running outdoors, into my regime.


Upon looking at me, you’ll notice that I am relatively petite in physique. Due to this, people assume that I am automatically “fit” and that I do not need to work out. I believe that this is a popular assumption that people make about slim/petite figured women. This assumption is beyond ridiculous and damaging.


Gymming makes me feel internally, mentally and physically good. High blood pressure, and Diabetes are things that are unfortunately common within my family. Working out is a great way to prevent these things and to promote good health. I also find that when doing so, I automatically eat healthier and drink more water. So yes, I DO NEED TO GYM/WORK OUT AND IF YOU’RE PYHSICALLY ABLE TO, SO DO YOU!


Over a month ago, I decided that I needed a personal trainer. The reason for this was because my fitness was poor. I was great at certain things e.g. Cardio, but struggled when doing things that involved working my upper body, or squats. This example shows that you shouldn’t judge someone’s “fitness” based on his or her appearance. Did you know that even someone who appears to be hench (muscly) may not automatically be “fit”? You just assume that they are because of their appearance, as most of us associate having muscles with being “fit”.


A lot of people assume that both genders enter the gym for the same reason. Women gym to “lose weight” & men to “get hench”. Both hold no truth, as every individual has their own goals. Mine is simply to improve my fitness. So whilst I understand that we all have our opinions, I’d very much appreciate it if you kept your opinion on whether or not I should gym to yourself. If you chose to not work out because you don’t find it necessary, then that is your decision. The same way that it is someone else’s decision if they decide to want to work out and become fit, whether or not they fit your “fit body” stereotype.


I’m slim, but I still NEED to GYM.



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