Why I went natural.

Black women sporting their natural hair, to some people, may seem like a latest “craze/trend”. To me, this idea is absolutely ridiculous, as it simply doesn’t make sense, how the beautiful hair we grow directly from our scalp, can be branded as a “trend”. It makes it sound as if hair growing directly from our scalp (without any chemicals) will one day stop! Nevertheless, I thought that it was time I shared why I decided to grow my hair out naturally (without it being chemically treated).


In 2010, I had been toying with the idea of giving the creamy crack (hair relaxers) a permanent end. Although my hair looked healthy and thick while relaxed, I was fed up with how it just flopped down. My natural beautiful black hair has so much life, and I could no longer think of a reason as to why I kept on putting my hair through this long unnecessary routine. I began reading various blogs about other women who had become “naturals”, or were in the process of transitioning. I learnt that I had 2 options:


  1. To grow the relaxer out of my hair, and overtime trim the relaxed ends off. This would mean that my hair would become 2 textures. Thick & curly from the roots, and straight and lifeless towards the ends.
  2. Simply woman up and cut all my hair off (big chop).



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A beautiful young woman on my Facebook (at that time) had done the latter. Although I admired her for doing so (she looked absolutely incredible with her low cut), I did not feel brave enough to go down that path. I instead opted for what I assumed would be the easiest option (number 1).


It wasn’t long before I became fed up of combing my hair, and struggling with my now 2 different hair textures. I remember 1 evening, washing my hair, and seeing clumps of hair in the shower. This option clearly wasn’t doing my hair/scalp any good. Nevertheless, I told myself that after a while, this process would become easier.


Long story cut short, I woke up one morning, and on impulse I headed to the barbershop. I boldly sat in that chair, and told the man what I wanted. I wanted all this straight hair gone, and for my small portion of natural hair growth to be left. BEST DECISION I COULD HAVE MADE!


After getting my big chop done, I walked over to the salon section of the shop. The woman proceeded to put my newly short hair, in gel twists. When my hair was done, I stepped out of the shop like:



I had never felt so confident than that day. I felt as though I had become a new person. It’s a feeling that is hard to put into words, but I felt extremely beautiful rocking the hair texture that the good Lord blessed me with. I felt great about myself, and I also looked it (let me not lie, I’ve ALWAYS been a spice though!).


I went natural, because I became fed up of rocking a hair texture that wasn’t naturally mine. It no longer made sense to me, why I was using harsh chemicals on my naturally thick gorgeous hair. Going natural meant letting the world know that I will not succumb to societies beauty standards of how my hair should be. I’m beautiful, my hair is beautiful and I couldn’t care less what anyone else thinks.






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