Why I Find The Idea Of Dating, LONG

Dating means different things to different people. To be frank, in this day and age, I’m a bit confused as to why there are apparently so many steps before entering a relationship with someone. Nevertheless, when I refer to “dating”, I’m simply talking about getting to know a potential partner. You’ve met someone, on the surface y’all seem to click, but it’s time to see if y’all connect on a deeper level. In my opinion, this process shouldn’t be an emotional one. It is simply a chance to see if things can be progressed further. So, judging by my overall theory on what dating should be, you’d think that I’d have it easy right? Well NO.


At this precise moment in time, I’m 100% single. However, this post is more of a reflection on what I have previously experienced, which also has me thinking that jumping into this whole dating routine eventually, IS GOING TO BE LONG!



In this day and age, it seems as though many “men” (notice that I used quotation marks) have an issue with women like myself. What do I mean by that, I hear you ask? Well, you’re about to find out.


Over the years, I have developed very blunt ways. In short, I am direct (not rude though) with my thoughts and feelings. It is something that I take pride in, as in my teenage years, I battled severely with expressing my thoughts and emotions. I spent the majority of my teens suppressing feelings, which meant that it wasn’t until my early 20s that I started to learn how to connect with my emotions. Due to this, any type of feeling/thoughts that I have towards an individual, I make it known (within reason of course). This has caused me some problems in the past.


There have been guys that were “interested” in me, who were automatically put off”, because I also expressed the same interest. I remember when one guy who I was getting to know over a period of some months, messaged me with the following:


I’m losing interest in you, because you make time for me.

You always answer my calls, or contact me. You make yourself

Too available for me, and I find it off putting”.





This guy was telling me that he was losing interest, because I wasn’t playing games and was making my interest known?? This wasn’t the only occasion in which I had experienced something similar. I’m a direct individual. I do not believe in playing games in order to “make or keep someone liking me”. If I’m feeling someone, I don’t feel anyway making it known/showing it. I do not believe in these pathetic myths that as a woman, I shouldn’t make the first move and I should wait for a guy to “PICK ME”.



A few months ago, I was having a conversation with my male friend. I jokingly described myself as an “Alpha woman”, in which he asked me to explain what I meant. Although at the time, I was half-heartedly joking, there is some truth to it. My idea of an alpha woman, is simply a woman that knows what she wants, and goes for it. She isn’t afraid of what other people think, and doesn’t feel the need to conform to societies ideals of what a woman is, or how a woman should behave. This is ME!

So sticking to my alpha woman description, it doesn’t make any sense as to why I should play certain games in order to be desirable by “men”. I’ve been told multiple times by males, that men are interested in the chase”. I’m not talking about sex by the way. I am focusing on women supposedly playing hard to get”, which supposedly makes the man want to put more work into gaining her interest”. Once the woman “finally caves in” it supposedly signifies that the woman “isn’t easy”, and this “male hunter”, has now won his “prize”. PATHETIC. Classic case of these losers wanting their egos stroked.

These men boys are a bunch of pussies if you ask me. The thought of a strong woman approaching them, rather than waiting for them to approach her frightens them. They feel “less of a man”, if a woman (who they view as the weaker sex) pursues them. These weak ass pussies quake in their boots, when a woman doesn’t play games and makes it known from the jump what she wants and what she WILL NOT TOLERATE. These weak ass pieces of sh*t, try to make these type of rare women feel like they should be basic basicas and wait around for guys to make them feel special. These idiots really think that women NEED their validation.

So, why do I find the idea of dating long? It’s simple; there are too many males that share this dickhead mentality. All these mythical rules of how a woman should behave, it really irks my spirit. I have no doubt that someone will read this and give this expected response:


“Maybe you go for the same type of guys. That is why you

get the same results”.




This basic response isn’t even worth addressing. I’m finding the idea of scouting the dating pool long, because it seems as though a lot of male species today don’t know what to do with a strong-minded woman. In theory the more these type of guys reveal themselves to me, the more easier it becomes to find someone potentially compatible with me, however, it seems like a long process, especially when we are living in a time where a lot of men do not even KNOW WHAT THEY WANT.


I’m sure that somewhere out there, there is a King compatible with I, who is just wishing that we eventually cross paths…..


However, for now… I really CANNOT be bothered…







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