Deep rooted HATE for Africans

I have an exceptionally LOW TOLERANCE for ignorant individuals who want to love my people when it suits them, but then INSULT & MOCK us at every other given opportunity. Do you now how infuriating it is to see a non-African man/woman claim to want an “African Queen/King”, but then 2 seconds later make a dig out of African culture? I’ve seen this way too many times via social media, and I AM NOT HERE FOR IT!

 The deep rooted hate for Africans, is ALWAYS evident when some of the following topics arise:


  1. Carnival- EVERY YEAR you will see people complain about Afrobeats being played at Carnival. This year however hit an all time new low. I saw people complain about African flags being present at Carnival. Interesting how no one complains about other flags being present though.
  2. Afrobeats- Pathetic attempts to belittle a genre that has EVERY RIGHT to finally gain the worldwide recognition that it deserves will still NOT TAKE AWAY THE FACT THAT IT HAS BLOWN. Years ago before some of you morons only discovered Afrobeats; many Caribbean musicians were doing collaborations with our artists & creating beautiful timeless music together. The amusing thing is that Caribbean’s actually living in the Caribbean play Afrobeats without any fuss!
  3. Food- This one will forever irk my spirit. The stupid comparisons between African dishes & Caribbean dishes. If we all made the effort to actually pick up a book, we’d discover that there are A LOT OF SIMILARITIES with the food that we eat. Granted, we cook them a little different, however this constant battle of whose food is better, makes everybody looks stupid. These the same people will complain about blacks not being united yet are CEO’S of Caribbean’s Vs. Africans.





To see random folks on your timeline spew nonsense is bad enough, without you witnessing folks whom you thought had functioning brains also participate. Too often I see parts of my culture (whether it be music, food, dance) being ridiculed. When you pull certain individuals up on it, it’s all “it was banter” or “it’s not that deep”. You’ve got to be kidding me? On what planet is it ok to mock someone’s culture/heritage all in the name of banter?



From the start of this year, I’ve unfollowed/blocked quite a few people from my social media, who’ve expressed their inner hatred for Africans. If you hate/dislike Africans, then that automatically means that you have an issue with me. I am PROUD OF WHERE I COME FROM and REFUSE to witness or surround myself with such ridiculous beings!


These type of things also bring to light that it doesn’t matter whether or not someone wants to sleep with you, be in a relationship with you, date you, marry you or even start a family with you, if they have inner hate for where you are from then THAT HATE ISN’T GOING TO CHANGE.





  1. Great post! Sometimes I wonder if it’s actually hate because I think most people who claim to hate africans are confused supporters. Deep down they love us but can not be mature enough to admit the beauty and diversity of us Africans. I’ve stopped taking it personally because if you are not being hated it means you’re not doing anything. Africans on the other hand are blowing up big time all around, e.g. our music and dancing so it only makes sense some will express their hate aka envy and indirect love. It’s nothing personal lol

    1. I love how you worded this, especially the “confused supporters” part. You are right, it may not be anything personal, but I still find it rather irritating to continuously hear & see. Nevertheless, like you said, if we weren’t being hated on then that would mean that we aren’t doing anything! We are fabulous and I guess with such fabulous ways, haters are gonna hate. hahaha thanks for reading honey!

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