It’s ok to NOT be ok


One of the hardest things that I have finally managed to accept is that there will be days when I may not feel ok. There are days when I may not want to talk to anyone. There are days were I may not feel like smiling, or happy inside. This is perfectly fine. I am human, I have emotions, and just like everyone else I will not always be 100%. This does not make you or me weak.


Allowing ourselves to process such emotions is important. Blocking such feelings/thoughts may end up doing more harm than good. When I do go through times when I feel a little low, I allow myself to process these emotions. The reason why I do so is because I know that these emotions will eventually pass. If I were to suppress these thoughts, and act like everything is hunky-dory, it would end up subconsciously remaining in the back of my mind.


People may see my social media, or hang out with me and assume that because I have a particular mind frame, life is always a walk in the park for me. Assuming is a “normal thing” that us humans do. However, little do you know that I was in my PJs after gym all day yesterday feeling bummy, because I am currently out of work.


As someone who used to be the Queen of suppressing emotions, here are 5 tips on what to do when you are feeling low:


  1. Talk to someone. Now although earlier on in this post, I stated that sometimes I do not feel like talking, sometimes talking actually helps. If you have loved ones around you that are great listeners, now would be the perfect time to reach out to them. Sometimes, all we need is to feel like someone cares enough to listen to what we are going through. Knowing that someone is in our corner no matter what, is comforting. They will often provide us with beneficial advice.
  2. Do something you love. This could be spending the day watching your favourite TV shows, working out/going to the gym, cooking, cleaning etc. Whatever you love doing (so long as it doesn’t = to a health risk) then do so. Yesterday, aside from job hunting, I spent a large portion of the day catching up on my favourite TV series. It provided me with comfort, and had me appreciating the fact that I am blessed enough to even be able to watch these shows.
  3. Write. I’m not sure if I’ve previously discussed how I started writing, but it was dark moments in my life that lead me to it. I went through several years of my life were I struggled to express my emotions. Due to this, my mother encouraged me to write all my thoughts and feelings into a notepad. This piece of advice SAVED MY LIFE. I honestly DO NOT KNOW IF I’D STILL BE ALIVE TODAY, IF I HAD NOT USED THIS METHOD TO RELEASE ALL MY PAIN!
  4. Pray. I’m not saying that praying or “turning to religion” automatically solves the problem, but it provides a lot of people with comfort. Knowing that God is listening to you helps a lot. Sometimes us humans like to go on as if we are too busy for other people. God is never too busy to listen and be there for you. If mere humans cannot be bothered to make time for you, ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT GOD HAS UNLIMITED TIME, LOVE AND CARE FOR YOU. Let God know what is troubling you. You’ll feel like a weight has been lifted off of your shoulders.
  5. Plan. If you are feeling low for a specific reason e.g. You have just set up a YouTube channel but you are struggling to regularly post. Use this time to plan a schedule, which will permit you to post every week. Sometimes simple planning/researching and setting ourselves some time to achieve our goals each day or week, is all that we need in order to keep the ball rolling.

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