5 Reasons Why You SHOULD Travel EVERY YEAR

In 2011, I decided that I would travel at least once every year. To some people, this may sound absurd, but to me it’s necessary.


Here are 5 reasons as to why you should too:


  1. Not ALL holidays are expensive. No, seriously it’s true! I feel like a lot of us hear the word “holiday”, and immediately we start seeing high figures. With a simple Google search, you’ll be amazed at some of the awesome deals you may come across. Don’t forget to use flight comparison sites, as well checking to see if it works out cheaper to book your accommodation with your flight, or separately.


  1. The world is your oyster. I see my Passport as a book in which I collect travel stamps. The more the merrier. There is much more to life than where you currently reside. Wipe the dust of your Passport, and start putting it to good use before it expires!



  1. Travelling opens your mind. You learn about different cultures, meet new people, enjoy new environments and create new experiences/memories.


  1. YOU pick your type of holiday. So for example, maybe your 9-5 work is stressing you out, and you feel like you’re on the brink of losing your mind. When picking what kind of destination you’d like to visit, you’re more than likely going to pick a relaxing location. On the other hand, maybe you feel like you live a boring life at the moment, and need some excitement. Due to this, you may opt to visit a party island. There are millions of destinations that will cater for whatever type of get away you’re in need of.



  1. You’ll feel GOOD. Every time I’ve gone away and returned home, I always feel refreshed. I sincerely believe that holidays recharge your mind, body and soul. It gives you a chance to absorb the beauty of another part of world, while also blessing you with time out away from your usual comfort zone.

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