How I Found The Right Personal Trainer

This year, I decided to return to the gym. Upon returning, I realised that aside from needing to work on my gym-confidence issues; I needed professional guidance on my journey.


At my gym, you get 3 free 30-minute personal training sessions, when you join. On my 2nd session, I was paired up with lets call him John. John made various comments on my posture when doing certain exercises. I always knew that my posture needed some work, so this wasn’t news to me. Nevertheless John asked me if I had ever considered getting a personal trainer. He informed me that as it was International Women’s Day, he was offering free consultations for personal training, for the month. He let me know that this would be an opportunity to inform him about my goals, and see if he would be able to help me out. We exchanged details, and arranged to have our consultation the following week.


Long story cut short, that consultation was an epic fail. John showed zero interest in being able to successfully help me on my journey. Rather, he just seemed fixated on I signing up to be his client. The funny thing is that his fee was reasonable, however his vibe wasn’t pleasant. He repetitively told me that he could “help me”, yet the right questions were not being directed towards me. How can you help me if you clearly don’t give a sh*t about what I want to achieve? I had to firmly tell him that I would think over it and get back to him. When I said this, he replied with the following:


I’m not happy about this. You can think about this if you want, but summer is around the corner. I will be busy!”




I proceeded to walk out, while acknowledging that I was interested in having a personal trainer, but just not him. I needed someone who saw being a P.T as more than a job. I needed someone who is passionate about helping people like myself to achieve their goals.


That weekend, I logged into my gym account and read all the information provided about every single personal trainer at my gym. Only 1 stood out to me (in terms of my goals), let’s called him Miguel. I contacted Miguel and we arranged a suitable day/time to have a consultation.


Here are 6 reasons as to why I opted for Miguel and NOT John:


  1. We hit it off. Rather than just dive straight into the issue at hand, we got conversing about general things. This showed that he has a personality. He would be able to make me feel at ease and we’d easily form a professional but friendly relationship.
  2. He asked questions. Unlike John, he asked questions that showed he had an interest in helping me to achieve my goals.
  3. He listened. I got this by his follow up questions and further conversation, about what I was discussing.
  4. “Show me”. In our chat, I expressed how I had issues with my posture during certain exercises. Due to this, he made me do a few exercises so that he could see what these were. John DID NOT DO THIS.
  5. He reassured me that the issues that I was experiencing were temporary and that over time after “we’ve worked on them” (teamwork), it would fade away. John on the other hand, seemed to be indirectly mocking me.
  6. No pressure. Miguel did not pressurize me into becoming his client ASAP. He informed me about his fee/offers available, but let me know that I was free to make any decision that suited me.


If like I, you are currently on the look out for a P.T, look out for some of the above qualities. It will determine if the individual in question really is interested in helping you to achieve your goals or if it just solely about the money. My personal trainer sees exercise and nutrition as a lifestyle and not just a job. I could sense his passion from the get go. This resulted in I pinging him money for my next 4 sessions upfront. I’ve now been with him for 2 months, and I plan on sticking with him!




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