1 Goal for 2017


I have several goals for this year, but in this post, I’ll be focusing on just one of them. This goal is to be fully comfortable alone.


Now before you start assuming that I’m talking about being fully happy as a singleton, please believe that I am 100% happy being single. What I mean, in regards to my goal, is to be comfortable and confident with doing various things without anyone’s company.


As you are aware, I have booked my first solo trip (read post here: 1st Solo Trip – Booked!/ ).  I do not want it to be the first and last major thing that I do alone though. I mean, sometimes I go to the cinema alone; however, I also want to feel comfortable going to restaurants, art galleries, networking events etc. ALONE.


The older I get, the more I acknowledge that we really do have 1 life to live. You CANNOT live your life relying on other people to hold your hand in order for you to do or experience new things. Recently, I’ve been feeling like I am being a burden, when I ask certain people to accompany me to certain places. I quietly listen as they fob me off with excuses of being busy, getting back to me (and not doing so), or them simply telling me that we’ll link up soon, knowing full well that WE WILL NOT. It’s a shame that folks can’t be honest with you, and just simply tell you that they do not want to go to such places with you. I would much rather that, than all of the pathetic excuses. It makes me lose respect for them, and also has me feeling to not even bother reaching out to them again. I HATE being made to feel like I am begging for someone’s time. DEAD.


So in order to not deal with such rubbish, I’ve decided that from now one, when I am ready to go somewhere, or do something, I will just up and go. This means that I don’t have to wait on anyone’s schedule, or excuses, and I can solely rely on myself to enjoy new experiences.


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