I’m at a point in my life, were I only want what’s best for me, whether it be on a financial, physical, mental, spiritual level etc. Gone are the days when I would accept blasts from the pasts or bad-minded people, just lurking around, watching how my life progresses.


I do not believe in the idiotic idea of “revenge glow-up”. Revenge glow-up is when someone transforms themselves, or their life (sometimes both), to spite someone that has hurt them. I personally find it pathetic, because it shows that you are allowing this worthless individual to still have some form of hold over you. If you want to make positive changes to your life, by all means do so, but do it FOR YOURSELF. DO NOT DO IT WITH THE INTENT OF GETTING BACK AT SOMEONE!


So, the title of this post “I don’t f*ck with you!” is a pretty simple one. Yesterday, I blocked someone from my Facebook/Instagram who had done me wrong. A few months ago, I also did this for previous ex-partners, or silly idiots I used to see/talk to. To be honest, I should have blocked this individual a long time ago, but I actually forgot that they were on there. It wasn’t until I noticed that the individual in question was trying to call me via Facebook several times that the penny dropped.


How I see it, you did me wrong. I have forgiven you, however, there is absolutely zero reason for us to be friends, or be on each other’s social media. I don’t hold bitter feelings for anyone, as that takes up too much energy; however, I do not believe that such individuals deserve to see what is going on in my life. I’m quite active via social media; as I regularly update my pages, and express my thoughts, and only real loves ones/supporters have the right to have access to that. I am also block/mute happy on twitter when I see someone tweeting what could potentially be harmful to my energy.


You see what we as people forget, is that we are in charge of whom we allow into, or around our universe. These people, also impact our energy. So for example, if your energy is normally quite positive, allowing negative people into your universe will just drag you down to their level. I’m really not up for that!


Allowing people who dislike you or have done you wrong, free access to your social media pages, subconsciously will have you thinking about these individuals when you post. For example, maybe you have recently had a bad break up. You keep your ex on all of your social media platforms, so that they can see that “you’ve moved on”. You start uploading saucy pictures onto your Instagram, not because you genuinely want to, but because you are hoping that your ex will see it and realise what he/she is missing out on. You see this example? DEAD. When you remove such people, you will end up posting whatever you want, simply because YOU WANT TO AND NOT BECAUSE YOU WANT TO PROVE SOMETHING TO ANYONE.


If I don’t f*ck with you, then there really is no need for you to have any form of access to me. It is THAT SIMPLE. Do not allow people to tell you that you blocking X,Y & Z makes you “petty”, or that you should leave them there so that they can see just how “happy” you are. If you were truly happy, you wouldn’t care about them supposedly seeing that you are. Block these frauds, and focus on flourishing in life FOR YOU and NOT ANYONE ELSE, boo.





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