Whether we like it or not, the fact of the matter is that not everyone that we meet, will stay in our lives. Sometimes, as humans, we meet people and instantly expect for it to be a long lasting friendship, romance etc. However, the universe may have other plans.


Why would so and so enter your life to be a perfect listener, someone who cares about you, someone you can see yourself building a future with, yet 3 months down the line they disappear? I’m sure that we have all been through a similar scenario. It is natural to question if maybe you are to blame? Were you “too nice”? Did you make yourself “too available”? Did you sleep with them “too quickly”? Although self-reflection is important, unfortunately, some of these things are beyond our control.


At times the way that people treat us is actually a reflection of how they view or feel about themselves. We need to learn to differentiate the difference between when we have over stepped the mark and have caused someone to walk away from us, to someone who simply just isn’t meant to be in our lives for a long period of time. These individuals’  actions (or lack of actions) will show us this.


How I see it, people that remain in your life or decide to leave, are both blessings. Crazy right?



So let me explain. People that remain in your life are a blessing for obvious reasons. They have been with you through your highs and lows. It could be that y’all have grown up (mentally) together. You have learnt x amount of things from this individual which is invaluable. However, what we tend to overlook, is that people with short features in our film called LIFE often teach us important lessons too.


I’ve often looked back on situations were someone either disappeared, or I had to do the disappearing, and it helped me acknowledge that the lessons learnt here made/makes me feel powerful. In these situations that one may label as “negative”, I tend to see the positive side of things. So for example, let’s just say I meet a guy and everything is going great, and then eventually he starts to showcase manipulative behaviour. This behaviour will cause me to walk away. However, I now would have learnt about certain signs to look out for in the future. Not only that, but in that scenario I would have learnt more about what to not tolerate from a guy.


Another example that I can give, is maybe a friend that you’ve known for about 2 years, continuously makes negative remarks anytime you share your good news with them. 1 day they complain that you 2 were meant to be “on the same level”, and make it known that they can no longer be friends with you because you’re “extra”.

The lesson learnt here is simple. You were unaware that you were friends with a jealous snake, and completely overlooked all of the warning signs. Now that the universe has put an end to such a pointless friendship, you are now aware of future jealousy traits within a “friendship”. Had this situation not occurred, you wouldn’t have any experience or knowledge within this department. Life is all about learning, and when issues like these arise, you better be ready to soak up all of that new knowledge!!



Be grateful for all of life’s lessons, even if they are lessons that you did not want to experience. They are experiences that YOU NEEDED TO HAVE in order to move onto the next level of your amazing form. Rather than dwelling on the ain’t sh*ts that you’ve “lost”, focus on what you’ve gained. All of your experiences have made you the person that looks back at you in the mirror. You’re living and breathing. Those experiences obviously DID NOT KILL YOU….. DID THEY?




  1. You are a remarkably strong person. I started following you several months ago. I was in a long distance relationship with a man I was very much in love with. Your words describe exactly what I went through with this man. I loved him very much and I would have done just about anything for him. He turned out to be manipulative and narcissistic. He kept disappearing on me and then randomly coming back into my life. I tolerated this pattern because I cared about him so much and I know he has had a painful past. Your words inspire me so much. I’m beginning to realize that some people are not meant to stay in my life. And that it is not selfish of me to turn my back on someone who has used me and treated me badly. I want so desperately to see the good in everyone. It is such a painful lesson to learn…that some people are only looking out for themselves. You have helped give me the strength and courage to face a scenario I seem to have repeated in all of my past relationships. You are a smart, brave, beautiful woman. You truly inspire me…I’m in a relationship now with a kind and caring man. Your blogs have helped me realize that I am worthy of being loved. This is a lesson I really needed to learn. Thank you so much for sharing your life experiences and your wisdom! Much love💙

    1. Your comment has really touched me. Thank you so much for your kind words. I feel blessed to have been able to inspire you. I am extremely happy that you have now come across someone who treats you like the royalty that you are. I sincerely wish you both the best. xx

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