Years ago, this Goddess was born. I feel blessed to be a year older.


I could have done what I did last year, and write a post about the various things that I have learnt over the past year, but on this occasion I shall give that a miss. My spirit this year, feels aligned with my energy. All of my thoughts and feelings direct me to the 1 key fact, which is the following:





Life is a gift, which we sadly tend to take for granted. Some of us wake up every morning, complaining about every single thing in our lives that we feel is going wrong. We spend so much time moaning about things, that won’t even matter in let’s say a year. Consumed by our negative feelings in regards to life, we tend to overlook all of the positive aspects. The truth is that when you actually sit down and reflect on life, you’ll actually realise that the positives outweigh the negatives. Furthermore, I am a firm believer that in every “negative” situation, there is a silver lining. Most importantly, A LOT TO BE LEARNT FROM.


Life is a beautiful on going journey, in which we continuously get to connect with ourselves, others, and aim to conquer all of our goals.


Instead of continuously focusing on the things that we dislike about our lives, why don’t we use that the same energy on working towards changing these things? Let us spend our time wisely, using our positive energy to do everything within our power to get whatever it is that we desire. Our happiness in life IS KEY, however, WE HAVE THE POWER TO CREATE IT.


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