As 2017 comes to an end, I feel proud of the woman that I have become. I’m so mentally far gone that it would take a lot for someone to get to me. I acknowledge that I am a powerful spirit/being, and not everyone in this journey called life, will be comfortable with how comfortable I am, with myself. This isn’t a reflection of me, but it is in fact a reflection of how such people feel about themselves.


A few weeks ago, I was informed about 2 ex work colleagues that I had on my social media. They were laughing at the fact that another old work colleague was supporting my online content. The interesting thing is that these 2 same colleagues were previously telling me about how much they admired my boldness, and my freedom of expression.


The old me, would have made a song and dance about it. I would have taken it to heart. However, I truly do not care about their pettiness. They simply did what most people who don’t know themselves do; poke fun at someone who does. They see my confidence and outspoken ways and feel envy. Due to this, they tried to tear me down behind my back.


So what did I do? I simply unfollowed them via my social media. There is no room for people who don’t support who I am or what I stand for. I also no longer allow myself/energy to be affected by such things/beings. If you don’t support me, that is perfectly fine. However, let it be known. Be unsupportive with your chest.


The more aware I become, the more I don’t entertain situations like these. I am truly unfazed by peoples’ negative ways or attitudes towards me. I can’t control how people act, but I definitely can control what I do/do not allow to get to me. When people can see that you’re aware of how powerful you are they will try to dim your light.




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