This week I unfroze my gym membership, and returned to the gym. This is all well and good, but generally speaking, I have a love – boredom relationship with the gym.


What I mean by that is I can be dedicated and motivated to attend the gym for a few months, and then somewhere down the line I become bored and lose interest. I was just about to type “I don’t know why..” and then it hit me, yeah I frigging do!


Upon reflecting on my on and off years at the gym, I now realise that I don’t keep it fresh. I end up sticking to routines/machines/equipment’s that I am familiar with, without pushing myself to learn or do more. I basically just reside in the comfort zone in regards to the gym. I’m not confident in trying unfamiliar gym machines, or weight training (without my Personal Trainer) and this is something that I aim to work on this year.


This week I smashed my target of attending 3 times, and in fact I will have a 4th session on Sunday. This is due to the fact that coincidentally I’ve discovered that my gym will commence with Yoga Classes. I used the word coincidentally because I had been thinking about getting into Yoga since last year, but I wasn’t sure how. How awesome is it that the same week that I unfreeze my gym membership, is the same week that this amazing class will start? I’m super excited to join, as Yoga is great for the spirit, mind, body & soul.


Upon returning to the gym, I’ve decided that I will no longer use a personal trainer. Don’t get me wrong, my P.T from last year was awesome and he helped me to push myself, however, I don’t need him. When I look back on why I got a Personal Trainer in the first place, it was for these 2 reasons:


  1. To help add variety to my usual predictable sessions.
  2. To help me use machines/equipment that without his presence I’d feel unconfident using.


So basically, I need to fix up. It is down to me to keep things fresh now that I’ve returned to the gym. Therefore, if like me, you have a love –boredom relationship with the gym, here is a list of 5 ways I plan to discontinue my fitness struggles:


  1. GYM INDUCTION- My gym offer this so that a Personal Trainer can show you how to use particular machines/equipment without causing yourself injuries. If I feel unsure about how to use anything, I will book this.
  2. ASK- This sounds oh so simple, but the fact of the matter is, you won’t know unless you ASK. If I see an available member of staff while I am working out and I have any questions, I will ask them.
  3. FREE CLASSES- My gym offer a variety of free classes. I will make it a thing to try them. To make things fun, I will also try classes that are out of my comfort zone. I’m aiming to incorporate at least 1 gym class per week, alongside my workouts.
  4. YOUTUBE- YouTube is a great platform in which we can find just about any type of “how to” videos. When I am stuck on particular ways to work out, I will put it to use!
  5. RUN/JOG- I live beside 2 massive parks. On days when I don’t feel like working out indoors, I SHALL WORKOUT (FOR FREE) ALONGSIDE MOTHER NATURE.


If you’re into fitness, or about to kick-start your fitness journey, what ways are you ensuring that you stay motivated? Please feel free to let me know via the comments section below.


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