Half – Hearted Apologies

I don’t apologise if I don’t mean it. I simply don’t see the point of saying sorry if I genuinely believe that I have done no wrong. If you’ve followed this blog and my YouTube channel for a while, you’ll know that I have a strong character.


I know that there is no such thing as a perfect person, the same way that I acknowledge that I also don’t fall into such a fairy-tale category. It is normal for us to make mistakes, reflect on our actions and then apologise if we truly acknowledge that yes we indeed f*cked up!


However, what I find to be a really eye-rolling moment is when someone gives me a pathetic half-hearted apology. What is my definition of a half-hearted apology, I hear you ask? Well, it’s pretty simple. A half-hearted apology is when someone is 50% (if even that) sorry (and I say this vey loosely). If this so-called apology is done face to face, you’ll be able to see from the person’s body language that they are not truly sorry. If like me, you are unfortunate enough to receive an email containing such an apology, it is when someone apologises for something they have done to you, but in the same sentence state 101 reasons as to why they did what they did. Mate, are you REALLY SORRY or are you wasting my time, having me read an email full of excuses as to why you behaved so poorly?


You see, in my world, it is pretty simple. You’re either sorry, or you’re not. If you’re not sorry, don’t reach out to the individual in question that may feel a way about what you did. If you are genuinely sorry apologise with your chest (in other words: wholeheartedly) and take ownership for your actions. Let the person know that you’ve reflected over the situation and that you’re ashamed of your actions.


For an individual to give you a half-hearted apology, it shows that they are just apologising for the sake of it. Depending on the situation, it could be that they miss having a form of control over you, sexing you, using you, or just being able to keep an eye on and making sure that you’re not doing better than them. In other words, they can’t stand the fact that you’ve now seen them for what/who they really are and so they are giving you half-hearted hope that they do actually have a heart or some morals.


If someone truly values you, they will put their pride and ego aside when apologising to you. Your instincts will let you know that this individual is being genuine and their actions (if you chose to forgive them and allow them back into your life) will show you.


Giving someone a half-hearted apology is very telling of his or her character. It tells me that they lack respect, ownership and responsibility for themselves and their actions. To be frank, I don’t have time for such individuals.


Apologise with your chest or don’t apologise to me at all.




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