Life Self-Care


I’ve always been “about myself”, but never wholeheartedly. Sometimes, that can be hard when society keeps on telling you that at your age you should be a certain way, or have certain things. Due to certain societal pressures, which sometimes have equalled to self-doubts, up until November 2017 I was doing certain things that were not for me.


Many people will spew typical remarks such as “in life, sometimes you have to do what you don’t want to do”, but in my world, that is such a poor way of looking at life. In my opinion, something that costs you your inner peace is far too expensive. Why should I have to do something that brings me no joy, just because apparently “that is life”? Is life a chore, or is life for LIVING?


Doing tedious things just so that I can fit in with everyone else, who is unhappy about their lives, is something I have vowed to never do again. I have fully accepted that to some people, I will come across as a complete nut. This will be because I no longer feel a captive to society. I am a free spirit and I wasn’t placed on Earth to be a prisoner to society, to my mind, or anyone else.


Therefore, 2018 and beyond is about FULLY making choices for MYSELF. I want to be happy in everything I do, and I wish the same for you too.



  1. Well written this post resonates with my thoughts currently following from a conversation I had yesterday. X

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